Dec 8, 2006

Search for a New Driver

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This past season my driver/driving the ball was alot better but yet again inconsistency would occasionally rear its ugly head. Not golfing enough and the obvious swing flaws were probably to blame. Well it's officially the off season when a golfers fancy turns to scouring eBay and other sources for those golf clubs that you gotta have in the bag. Well lately Cobra's Speed Series Drivers have caught my eye. Sirshanksalot has a great review here. These came out in the spring of 2006 and have made the Golf Digest Hot List. They're still listed for $389 on a Golftown website but can be found for a pretty good price on eBay these days like alot of clubs especially drivers. There's a great online tool on to choose the right Speed driver for you. The Speed series drivers have 460CC heads with heel/toe weighting, hot faces with great Aldila shafts.

The speed series consists of the following:

Cobra M Speed - M/Speed Drivers have a draw bias, mid spin and extra-high launch. These are for players who have a strong tendency toward fades or slices. The offset design and super-light shafts help square the face at impact for straighter drives and greater distance.

Cobra F Speed - For fast-swing players. F/Speed Drivers have slightly closed faces to promote straight to slight draw-biased ball flight with low to mid spin and high launch.

Cobra X Speed - X/Speed Drivers feature a square face. They're for the low-handicap players with extreme ball speeds that demand shot shaping ability. X/Speed Drivers promote a neutral ball flight with low spin and high launch to maximize distance.

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