Apr 30, 2007

TorontoGolfNuts Yahoo Fantasy League- Part 1

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  4/30/2007 02:08:00 AM   No comments

With just two more tournaments to go in the first half of the 2007 Yahoo Fantasy League(Ball Wagering- 1 sleeve for the winner from each player) it's definitely a tight race. I'm up to #2 but was down as low as 9 I believe, with only the Wachovia this week and the Players the next it will be interesting what transpires.
1. Greywolf 2,555
2. Fireice (KaosGolf) 2,538
3. AnnikaFan 2,532
4. gocchin (Tour Spec Japan) 2,528
5. sbell0524 (Slice This!) 2,506
6. oneijoe (Team Coch II) 2,490
7. Big Shooter (Birdie num nums) 2,483
8. SnoopyGolf 2,362
9. King Cobra 2,333
10. snafu (Arsenal) 2,330
11. KaiShin (Pho Man Chou) 2,316
12. Leftygolfer30 2,106
13. Ben Hogans (Patriots Game) 1,814
14. mike_titleist (ny_giantss) 1,615
15. Laxgolf 1,116
16. mr. Poker ?

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