Jun 23, 2007

Must Get Rid Of 3 Putts

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  6/23/2007 01:57:00 AM   1 comment

I was out for a nice early round of golf today and had a pretty good round. Most drives were good, iron play a little more consistent but the area I could of improved was my putting. I had 5 3-putts, not good at all. If you have a good short game you should be able to shave quite a few strokes off your scorecard(I know I could of been at least 8-10 strokes better if the short game was a little better). It got me thinking lets find some good links for those looking for putting help so here they are: Enjoy.
Reading Greens
Hit and Hold
Lag Putting
Steady Eyes
Rolling Drill
Putting Lesson
Putting Videos
ScoreGolf Putting Lessons
Putting Drills

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Unknown said...

I feel your pain, I too suffer from a faultering putter. If anything, the putter is getting worse as the rest of the game gradually improves. Thanks for the links, hope for some eventual salvation to save the putter from a trip into a greenside water hazard!

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