Oct 13, 2007

Alfie Plays Some Golf With Chris Stevenson

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  10/13/2007 10:24:00 PM   No comments

A great article from Chris Stevenson of the OttawaSun.com about him golfing with Daniel Alfredsson at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club, Alfie home course. Alot of hockey players have a great passion for golf, Alfredsson has that passion, was there any doubt. I guess Alfie ended up losing the match, he shot 74 and Stevenson shot 78. Hopefully not Alfie last golf game of the season, we can only hope for a mild Fall. My favorite quote for the article:

"It's frustrating. Obviously, I've got some shortcomings, putting and short game," said Alfredsson.

"That's something you have to practise. I need to make a commitment to it or kind of just play for fun and don't get frustrated like I am now."

Glad to see Alfie struggles just like us and we're just your average duffers.

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