Dec 7, 2007

Charles Howell III Signs With Bridgestone Golf

It was interesting see all the talk on golf forums that CH III was leaving Callaway Golf and who would sign him. Well a few days ago CH III was off of the Callaway website and an announcement was made he asked to be let out of is contract and Callaway said ok. Well yesterday it was announced that CH III signed with Bridgestone Golf which should be noted it's head US office is headquartered in Atlanta, and CH III is a Georgia lad through and through, so a good fit here it seems.

From the press release:
As part of the deal, the 2-time PGA TOUR winner and Augusta, Georgia native will play Bridgestone balls and clubs, wear a Bridgestone golf glove , sport the Bridgestone Golf logo on his headwear and left chest of his shirt and carry a Bridgestone Golf Tour bag in all professional tournaments in 2008.

Howell is expected to play the new TOUR B330-S golf ball and Bridgestone's new line of irons, which has not yet been unveiled to the public, in all professional competition. Howell expects to have the Bridgestone gear in play by the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Championship.

While the financial terms of the deal will remain undisclosed, the company is pleased to report the contract is for three-years.

"Over the years I have become familiar with Bridgestone Golf and their history of innovation in golf equipment through Nick Price, whose opinion I really value," said Howell III. "Nick has told me time and again about Bridgestone's unparalleled technological expertise and how they go to great lengths to make sure their TOUR players are in the equipment that best maximizes their ability. Nick thinks the world of them; after all, he won 2 majors with Bridgestone at his side. The fact that they are a Georgia-based company makes it all the more rewarding for me."

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