Dec 19, 2007

Help For Entrepreneurs With There Downloadable Digital Content

For those entrepreneurs out there that are trying to make a dent in the online e-commerce world with there ebooks, music, videos, software, crafts, or any other downloadable file. Things just got a lot easier with the new PayLoadz Downloable Goods eCommerce service that provides unlimited file storage for online sellers using its easy to use services without a hike in cost to the seller. Can you say sweet! There self-service digital content e-commerce platform can make selling your downloadable content a snap on the Internet. Why not check it out you don't have anything to lose it's free.

Press Release:

New York, NY December 18, 2007 --, a leading self-service digital content ecommerce platform, has released a new version of its content storage and fulfillment system to deliver downloadable content such as ebooks, music, videos, software, crafts, or any other file. This new platform provides unlimited file storage for sellers using its services without any increase in cost.

"I am very excited about latest version of our file delivery system," says Shannon Sofield, founder of PayLoadz. "Because of the repeat and impulse buying nature related to selling digital goods, the more products sellers have available, means more sales and revenue for our sellers. By providing them with as much storage as they need for their downloadable goods without increased cost, they can create more valuable content offerings."

The service now has a key competitive advantage with this new release as other companies attempting to enter this market niche are bound by their limited product inventory and file storage capabilities. The PayLoadz Free, Basic Service, gets a file storage increase from just 50MB to 1,000MB representing a twenty-fold increase. Higher level accounts feature Unlimited File Storage.

About PayLoadz
A New York, NY based company, PayLoadz is a long standing leader in the digital content and delivery sector. The privately-held company has over 60,000 registered user selling over 280,000 downloadable goods.
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