May 24, 2008

Wii Golf Here I Come

I'm not a big video game guy. Even when they first came out in arcades I was always one to play the newest pinball game instead. When the first console games came out I remember having an Atari for awhile which I liked except I can only remember really playing Chopper Command. These days my kids could beat me hands down. Although I am pretty good at Tiger Woods Golf 2006 on my Nintendo Gamecube I'm a rookie that's for sure.

I do have some friends that are a bit more into video games especially the new Nintendo Wii. I can honestly say I haven't tried it until I went over to a buddies house and of course we had to play some Wii. He had just received a new shooter game for the Wii and was trying out the game with a new ezShot Gun he got at The ezShot Gun for Nintendo Wii totally looks like a gun and insert it into the Wii remote and nunchuk and away you go. Now I'm no hunter or like I stated earlier not a real big gamer but these games on the Wii are highly addictive.

My friend is hoping puts some more Wii controllers on sale because at $14.00 you can't go wrong. I know he's always checking their weekly deals for any sales on Wii products. You could say he 's a bit Wii addicted.

I can't imagine golf or a game or sport I like on the Wii. I'd probable never leave home or my kids would just constantly beat me so maybe I don't want a Wii after all and I'll just visit my friend more.

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