Jul 21, 2008

Greg Norman Playing Prototype MacGregor VIP Irons

Watching Greg Norman this past weekend at the Open Championship was awesome who would of thought the 53 year old two time Open Champion would actually content come Sunday. His hopes were dashed out of the gate as he bogey the first three holes. He was still in it after the first nine holes but Padraig amazing back nine sealed the deal. Norman doesn't golf alot lately and his passion for business has lead him to being the chairman of the MacGregor Golf Company. They certainly got alot of exposure this past weekend as well as Norman plays mostly MacGregor clubs. Check out the video below of Norman on the 12th hole during the third round. He's playing some sweet
prototype MacGregor VIP irons that he only received two weeks ago. They're diamond-shaped muscle-back design is very awesome looking and should be available to the public soon. We can only wait the video shows them off beautifully.


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Hooked On Golf Blog said...

I play MacGregor irons and I really like them.

Anonymous said...

Those prototype irons look identical to a set of Tommy Armour Diamond Scot irons I first played in 1983 or so. Good to see that diamondback blades never really go out of style (screw this "cavity back" junk, eh?).