Jul 10, 2008

Wireless Golf On A XBox

It may be time to upgrade my game console. I've had my Gamecube for awhile now and with all the new game console system out there plus the new games I may be forced. Some systems are just irresistible with crazy low prices to good to be true. Take for instance Buy.com, they have a Microsoft XBox Premium System on for $199.99. Considering these system were going for well over $300 this sale is hard to beat. These systems are reconditioned but that's OK because this XBox 360 is protected by a 60-Day Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. Again these are the Premium Edition of the XBox 360 so you get to play with a wireless controller and headset. Gaming technology is so much better then even a few years. I can now play Tiger Woods golf up to about ten yards away from my TV, and for more than 40 hours! Tell me this wouldn't be great for all those long winters up here in Canada.

The XBox 360 Premium Edition also has a special faceplate that gives your XBOX 360 Premium a unique personal feel. I also love the family settings on the Xbox 360 features so I never have to worry about my children's experiences on the console. Pick one of these up today I'm sure they'll be gone by tomorrow. A sale to good to be passed up.

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