Aug 16, 2008

40 Years Of Rolling Stone On Your PC

I've always been one to go to a ton of concerts especially when I was younger. I love seeing bands live there's nothing like live music whether it's an outside venue or a rockin' amphitheater. I also love keeping track of what my favorite bands are up to as well as new and upcoming bands. Back in the late 80's early 90s I'm sure my sister and I saw a good 10-15 concerts a year. It has tailed off alot since I settle down and now have three kids and a wife but my family and I did take in the Ottawa Bluesfest this year and absolutely had a blast.

I great way to keep track of your favorite bands is through Rolling Stone and if your looking at a great way to reminisce about about all those concerts you've seen well you have to check out what now has available on sale no less. All 40 years of Rolling Stone searchable on DVDs. Tell me that's not cool a searchable form of looking at all those great stories from the Rolling Stone magazine. From 1967 to 2007 you can search on your laptop, PC or Mac your favorite Pearl Jam concert reviews or maybe your favorite Hunter S. Thompson article whatever you want just type it in and you've got the info right there for you whether your a crazy rock fanatic or just someone who likes information about music. This Rolling Stone Searchable Digital Archive is a steal at $39.99 I'm getting a few for Christmas gifts at that price. I have a few music fans on my list who will go crazy searching over 98,000 pages of Rolling Stone all from the convenience of their home or office.

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