Aug 30, 2008

Sergio Garcia's Mole Incident 74th Hole Barclays 2008

In case you missed it from last week I got the video of Sergio Garcia second shot on the 74th hole in which he received a drop all because of a burrowing mole or gopher we're still not sure

Garcia hit his shot so badly on #17, sending it far right behind a huge tree, he was lucky because he got a free drop but not so lucky that VJ ended up winning still.

It's one of those obscure rules of golf that calls for free relief from a burrowing animal such as a mole or gopher.

"It was funny because it was not where my ball was, but like 5 or 6 feet left, it was actually moving," Garcia said. "You could see the grass going up and down from something underneath. It was right there at the time, and we were trying to find it."

Check it out here:

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