Jan 6, 2009

Stracka.com's New Fantasy Golf 2009

I play in alot of Fantasy Golf leagues some have some great prizes others are just for bragging rights. If your looking at only playing one this year check out Stracka.com's new Fantasy Golf for 2009.

Here's how it works

1: Pick a foursome of PGA TOUR players for each tournament

2: Earn fantasy dollars based on your players earnings in each event

3: Score the most fantasy dollars and win weekly prizes, and a final grand prize (Master's Tickets for 2010) at the end of the season

Click here to sign up!

But the big thing is the prizes check them out:

The goal of the challenge is to accrue the most earnings by selecting pro golfers to compete for you over a season. The total winnings accrued by the 4 golfers in your lineup at the END of each tournament will be added to your total season winnings. Total season winnings are used to determine the season winners.

  • Each Weekly Winner wins $50 plus 1 ticket for the Grand Prize
  • Each Major Winner wins $100 plus 4 tickets for the Grand Prize
  • The Person with the Most Points at the end of the season wins $300 plus 10 tickets to win the Grand Prize

There will be 33 regular weeks(33 tickets), 4 major winners(4x5=20 tickets), and one season winner(10 tickets). So each ticket will have a (one in 63) chance of winning the Grand Prize!

The Grand Prize will be 2 tickets to the Masters 2010 practice days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and hotel accommodations. That is a $10,000 value!

Check out the full rules and scoring now.

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Brandon said...

Great game! Stracka.com ROCKS!!!