Mar 4, 2009

1st Reshuffle On PGA Tour - Up Good Down Not So Good

So it's time for the first reshuffle of the PGA Tour season and I always find it interesting to see who moves up and who moves down the priority list of Q-School and Nationwide Graduates. Obviously you don't want to move down because it's harder to get into some events. The higher up the better.

So Webb Simpson has a big smile on his face as he's #1 on the list with consecutive top 10s this season and 4 of 5 cuts made. Ted Purdy also took at big jump from 53rd to 8th with 5 made cuts and 2 top 25s. Former winner on the PGA Tour Jonathan Kaye also jumped up from 53rd to 19th with 2 of 3 cuts made with 2 top 30s. The winner of Q-School last year Harrison Frazar tumbled down to 14th after missing 3 cuts in 6 events.

It will be interesting to see the next reshuffle who's on top and whether any of these guys might even win an event. Wouldn't it also be interesting to see a guy with relatively no status on tour actually win an event, could it even happen as well?

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