Mar 30, 2009

LPGA Tour Sees Bloggers As Real Media

Are blogs becoming mainstream media? It seems the LPGA Tour has come out with a resounding "Yes" as they'll know allow bloggers to apply for regular media credentials at all LPGA Tour events. Good for the LPGA.

I first stumbled upon this great news at both Jay Busbee Blog and at Geoff Shackelford's. I immediately began to scan the LPGA Tour schedule and see which tournaments were within a few hours of Ottawa. This news kind of got me excited because it definitely opens up more avenues for myself and others who blog about golf. Last year's RBC Canadian Open was my first PGA Tour event, I'll be heading back this year. I definitely see a LPGA Tour event in the near future as well. It never hurts to apply that's what my Father always says. Make sure you check out the 2009 LPGA Blog Policy.

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