Oct 4, 2009

Manuel De Los Santos One Legged Amateur Golfer

If you've been watching any of the coverage of the 2009 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship you've probably seen an amateur golfer with one leg. To truly call this guy inspirational I guess you'd probably have to meet him and/or play a round with him but just watching him hit shots is truly amazing and yes inspirational. This guy was on the verge of becoming a Major League baseball player with the Toronto Blue Jays when he lost his left leg in a traffic accident six years ago. He took up golf and now has a handicap of three. These are some quotes from his pro partner this week Richard Bland:

“What can I say – it was inspirational the way that he plays, it is very tough to describe. He hardly hit it offline, hardly hit a bad shot today and when he does go offline he has good short game and putts pretty good. You just stand there thinking how phenomenal it is. He is so strong. His forearms are like thighs and your hand just disappears when you shake hands with him. He is so strong throughout his body and he is a great guy who does everything with a smile on his face. Inspirational.”
So when you think your having a bad day on the course or are down on your game or are just plain frustrated with the game. Watch the video and be inspired. I'm now getting up off my ass and away from my electric fireplace insert (it's cold and rainy here) and going outside to practice my short game in the backyard.

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