Dec 17, 2009

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Open Beta Preview

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  12/17/2009 07:41:00 PM   No comments

Who needs to golf in the off season here in Canada when we have the latest Beta offering from EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Golf. Where my friends and father-in-law are booking flights down to Florida, Arizona and completing their Outer Banks rentals plans. I can just settle down to some online golf. Who needs various golf games scattered over their holidays. I'll be toasty warm up here in Ottawa playing some online golf. I was lucky enough to get an invite to the latest Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Open Beta Preview. What can I say I'm addicted had 70 full rounds during the last Beta testing. A few things that I've found pretty cool so far that they've added:

-They've added variable wind to in-game play. Wind will now react more realistically and will change and vary throughout a round.

- Players can now earn money and XP for completing in-game actions and objectives.

- Golfer Progression - players can now progress their golfer through a virtual career, earning levels and titles as they play. Every player begins as a level 1 Hack and can level up their golfers as well as earn new titles; starting from Hack all the way up to Legend status. Gaining levels is achieved by earning Experience Points (XP), whereas achieving higher titles requires the player to master courses. Course Mastery, as always, is achieved by completing all course objectives on a given course.

- The Cut - Can you make the Cut? The Cut is a daily challenge in which you must match or beat a specified score called The Cut. Following each 18-Hole Round, a player's final score is compared to other golfer's scores who are at the same level (the average of all these scores is what makes the Cut score). If a player plays multiple rounds, his best score is used to determine if he made The Cut. Making The Cut earns the player an XP bonus dependent on how many Fans they have. The Cut is a persistent feature, so the player will go on a "streak" if they complete the Cut multiple days in a row. Being on a Streak earns the player more and more XP the more days he remains on the Streak. However, his Cut line score will calculated against other players who are on the same Streak. This means that the longer the Streak, the more challenging it will be to continue making the Cut each day.

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