Aug 16, 2010

Kaymer Desires The Victory Enough On DJs Blunder

All the talk since Martin Kaymer won the 2010 PGA Championship has been on Dustin Johnson not getting into the playoff because of a 2 stroke penalty he incurred because he grounded his club in a bunker on his 72nd hole. On Twitter people were saying DJ got shafted and it wasn't fair. DJ didn't think it was a bunker because of all the fans standing in it. He also forgot to read the local rules given to all players/caddies stating all sand areas were bunkers. So as much as you might not like it DJ committed an infraction and ignorance is no excuse. Enough said!

Congrats to Martin Kaymer for some steady smart play for all 4 rounds. He desired the victory through all the bad shots and poor decisions by others.

Martin Kaymer Swing Vision -2010 PGA Champion

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Jim Dauer, said...

Agree 100% with everything you said.