Dec 27, 2007

Golf Channel To Add High Tech Radar To There Telecast

Watching the Golf Channel lots it was good to see they were adding some new high tech radar to actually provide exact measurements of golfers' swings and ball movement during next year's PGA Tour.

It will use the TrackMan Tour System, a Doppler radar technology, to measure a golfer's exact, three-dimensional club movement and ball flight and provide precise data on ball launch, ball flight and ball landing, among other statistics.

TrackMan, previously available only to Tour pros, will be used on two holes during Golf Channel's live primetime telecast of the Mercedes-Benz Championship in Hawaii beginning January 3.

"We will be able show a 3-D representation of a player's tee shot and then fly around it during flight to show different angles of its trajectory," Golf Channel vp production and executive producer Tony Tortorici said. "Different shots from different players also can be compared simultaneously, which can provide some pretty cool visuals and reveal player tendencies."

TrackMan has been used sparingly for television, Golf Channel said. The network said it would be the first to incorporate the technology on American broadcasts of regular-season PGA Tour events.

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