Jan 8, 2008


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Interesting article on a new product that will help Golf Captains do there job better with better organization, better planning and it's all free. It a web based software, no download required and it helps Golf captains avoid the frustration and exasperation of being a captain.

GolfCaptains.com is a free online golf game website created specifically to assist golf captains by turning the time-consuming process into a simple point-and-click task. GolfCaptains.com is an easy-to-use, web-based program (no software required) automates the team selection process, sets tee times, provides member notifications and maintains the membership roster with each player's availability and schedule. One of the most significant features of GolfCaptains.com is the "PairingsOptimizer," which automates the team selection process with a single click, but allows the golf captain to make changes.
Additional features of GolfCaptains.com:

--  Defines the group golf game, season dates, and days of the
week the group plays

--  Maintains a profile and calendar for each member with member
update capability

--  Generates the team pairings (captain may adjust the teams)

--  Handles a mix of two, three and four players

--  Displays the average handicap of each team pairing

--  Emails all members with a single click when the golf game has
been set

--  Provides a social calendar for member events
A product worth trying because it looks to help Golf Captains and it's free.
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