Jan 6, 2008

Patent Infringement Lawsuits Can Be Expensive Just Ask Acushnet

Golf and Over the last year for those that follow all things golf there was a big lawsuit between Callaway and Acushnet (Titleist Golf) over patent infringement. Callaway stated in the lawsuit that the Titleist Pro V1 ball - the most popular ball in golf- infringed on Callaway patents. Initially Acushnet stated that the Pro V1 infringed on Callaway patents, but claimed those patents were invalid. Of course there was a another report that states that the Pro V1 is based on around 70 of its own patents.

In December the judge sided in Callaway's favor on four of five Callaway patents in question. Acushnet immediately filed a motion for judgment, which I believe means the company is asking the judge to overrule the jury. Looks like this means Acushnet will be appealing for many, many years to come or until this decision is reversed, or - more likely - until a settlement is reached with Callaway.

Tell me the lawyers in these type of cases are just loving it with these huge multi-million dollar companies slugging it out for years. Lots of money is being put out by these companies. For some smaller companies who have lawsuits against other companies these type of lawsuits can bleed them dry. That's where a company like LawMax can help by evaluating a companies lawsuit and possibly advancing them some money to help with payroll, inventory and the like. Tell me this wouldn't ease any company mind especially if they have a sound case, there just that worry of a lawsuit lasting a long time. LawMax can help with Commercial Lawsuit Funding
and other types of funding.
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