Jan 14, 2008

YawpBox Post Your Videos Today!

Since the new year has started I've tried to put more videos of PGA Tour Events, European Tour events and even some from the Sunshine Tour here on my blog. If you've missed the action then I might have a video of it here on the blog. I find relevant videos add more spice to a blog or a website and there's a hint of interactivity and depending on the video lots of excitement.

One website that's creating alot of this is YawpBox they have user created videos that border on the crazy and definitely creative. The first thing I suggest doing is to sign up for free as a user of the site because you'll want to be able to access the whole site not just a peek.

After that it's time to explore the YawpBox topics section there you might videos of individuals you might just have a connection with or very likely something in common with, that's what YawpBox is all about. Share your life experiences with the world and see who'll have similar ones or maybe even crazier ones update your profile with regular videos and other Yawpers can vote on how cool or not cool your videos are.

To make things even more interactive, YawpBox might actually use your content because come March 2008 YawpBox TV launches it's own television show to the world. See if you'll make the cut I'm thinking how I can get my 15 minutes of fame, I do look like Mark Messier. HOw could I turn this idea into my cool video. I must explore the site more especially the Lex & Terry challenge section of the topic section. This is how I might get on the YawpBox TV show.

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