Feb 7, 2008

Camilo Villegas Reads Greens Like Spiderman

Although Camilo Villegas has yet to win on the PGA Tour he certainly is an exciting player to watch especially when it comes to his putting he's like no other contorting his body into various positins to get a read on his putt. His nickname is "Spiderman" and we obviously know why, take a look at the below video if you haven't seen Camillo in action. What I was thinking is does his way of reading putts make him a better putter and if so why don't others read putts like Camillo. I pulled his putting stats from the last few years from PGATour.com:
Camilo's Putting Stats
2008 - Putting Average -62nd Putts Per Round -60th
2007 - Putting Average -86nd Putts Per Round -109th
2006 - Putting Average -102nd Putts Per Round -117th

You be the judge maybe Camilo's reads are good but maybe his stroke is poor. What are your thoughts.

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