Mar 8, 2008

Autism Speaks

Ernie Els showed up t the Pods Championship this week on the PGA Tour with an "Autism Speaks" logo on his golf bag and a message he wanted to get out. You see his son was diagnosed with autism, which Els and his wife coped with privately until Ernie showed up this week ready to publicly talk about it.

"I feel comfortable talking about it now," Els told The Associated Press after he missed the cut Friday in the PODS Championship. "I've got a bit of a profile where it will grab attention. That's what this problem needs. And with that, hopefully, more people will get involved and we can start getting to what causes it and what can be done to help it." His son turned five in October, the youngest of two children, a big boy with blond hair and blue eyes. "Ben is quite affected by it," Els said. "But he's a lovely boy."

So the wins are important but his family obviously is where his heart is, good for Ernie to finally come out now and be proactive with informing about autism and speaking out.

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