Mar 12, 2008

Digital Camera For The Golf Course

I recently made a purchase of a new digital camera I was tired of inconsistent picture taking so I purchased a Fujifilm S700 and so far i love it. One of the main reason i purchased it was that it had 10X optical zoom. I wanted to be able to take better pictures out on the golf course plus I wanted to be able to zoom in on the pros this year when I attend the 2008 PGA Canadian Open and the LPGA Canadian Open her in Ottawa. Another plus with this camera is that it takes a SD card which my old camera took. I also love the fact it's a bit bigger than most cameras because of the fact it has more optical zoom. It feels great in my hands. I just recently got a nice Lowepro digital camera case so all I need is for some snow to melt and the courses to open.

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