May 15, 2008

Creative Golf

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  5/15/2008 10:57:00 PM   No comments

I don't know if your like me at the beginning of the season but I tend to practice alot more especially my short game in my back yard and at the range. I try not to just hit balls one right after the other but try to have a routine just as if I was playing a round with the guys on a Saturday morning.

Recently I've discovered a great way to practice my temp both with the short game and the longer clubs off the tee. I've been using my old Creative Labs MP3 player. I find listening to music has really improve my game including my tempo. Now I'm looking at upgrading to a new MP3 player. My sister has had a newer Creative Labs player now for awhile and she really likes it, plus it's very tiny. Kind of what I'm looking for when golfing as my Creative Labs Touch is a little bulky.

So I think I've found a great deal at in their weekly deals where they have a MP3 player smaller than the size of a credit card. Perfect for what I need it for and it comes in black too. The Creative ZEN will fit nicely in my pocket while I'm swinging away and only weights 65g so I won't even know it's there while practising. I've been really happy with my Creative Touch for the last while so purchasing a new Creative ZEN for $90.99 is a steal in my book. The ZEN has a storage capacity of 4GB so I'll be able to put a ton of songs on it and not worry about changing them for awhile.

I also like the fact the Creative ZEN has a SD memory expansion slot. That's what my digital camera uses so I can expand the memory if I want plus check out my pictures and my videos on my Creative Zen MP3 player as well. How can I not pick this up as even will ship it free to me so I have more money to play golf. I'm sold.

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