Jul 5, 2015

Great Snacks to Eat on the Golf Course

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  7/05/2015 09:29:00 PM   No comments
Great snacks to eat on the golf course

During our often busy lives sometimes when you’re hungry you’ll go for the easy choice, something fast and not overly nutritious. It usually leads to a quick fix and later a general lack of energy. On the golf course there are a lot of parallels.

During a round many golfers grab a hot dog and beer at the turn. Not the best choice for sustained energy and long term health. During a 4-5 hour round you need food and drink that will give you that energy to perform best.

Most golfers don’t think ahead about nutritious options. Lately I’ve been thinking more about golf and nutrition and compiled this list of what I think would be great options for your round of golf. LMK what you think? What are your healthy choices?

I love beef jerky while on the golf course so it seemed only natural to speak to Jeff King, a caddie on the PGA Tour but also a budding business man when it comes to beef jerky. He’s cornered the market on the PGA Tour when it comes to jerky. Kingmade Jerky can be found in the most of the hands of the nutritious conscience golf pros out on tour.

I love good jerky on the golf course but it's so hard to find a healthier choice, what makes Kingmade a healthier option?

We use 100% steak. It is not ground or formed and mixed with other parts of the animal, like almost all others use. Therefore we don't have to add a bunch of "junk" to it to get the proper flavour. In turn, this makes our product extremely low in sodium and sugar. We are at least 4 times lower in sodium than anything on the market.

I see all the exposure you get on tour why do the pros love your product so much?

I think the pros love it so much because of the quality. It is a premium, healthy, high quality jerky. Athletes put the best fuel they can find in their bodies to perform at their maximum. This is the best fuel they will find while competing, therefore, they support it

How does it taste?

There are 3 flavors. Classic - which is a smoky flavor note. Buffalo Style - is named such because it tastes like a buffalo chicken wing. Sweet Chili - is sweet in the beginning with a little kick at the end. Not only are the flavours tasty, because we use a high quality meat, the chew is extremely soft. Exactly like eating a steak.

Where can I get it?

We are carried in multiple places nationwide in the U.S. Pertaining to the golf world, we are in all the PGA Tour Superstores and all Golf Galaxies. For further locations, you can refer to our store locator on our website.

The future for KingMade?

The future looks extremely bright. We now have 4 national distributors. We continue to grow in grocery chains, golf, and because our product is so healthy, many of the health supplement stores are starting to take interest. The room for growth is extremely large and the demand is there so we are doing our best to get it close for everyone to be able to enjoy.

Everyone loves a good energy bar on the golf course but many are filled with sugar and way too many things you can’t pronounce. I had a chance to ask Caleb Simpson one of the two bearded brothers and owner about his healthy energy bars.

What makes your bars better than the average let’s say Nature Valley bar?

Our bars are Certified Organic, made from all natural ingredients. They are also raw, which means they have higher nutritional value than other bars that are baked. We dehydrate our bars at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional enzymes that cooking depletes. They are also vegan, gluten & soy free and all but the Blueberry Vanilla bar are Paleo compliment as well. We also thing they taste better than anything out there, but you will just have to try them and determine that for yourself.

How do they taste?

They taste amazing, and they taste exactly like the names of the bars indicate. Blueberry Vanilla, Coconut Mango, Raspberry Lemon, etc. We use real organic ingredients, so the bars taste just like you would think. They are also no chalky or dry like some bars are. The taste and texture of our bars are top notch.

I don’t want too much sugar but want the energy for a round of golf how does Bearded Brothers stack up?

Our bars have no added sugars, and are only sweetened by dates and figs. So they sugars in our bars are 100% natural, and being pared with nuts, and a good source of fiber greatly decreases the glycemic load. Even though the bars might be “high sugar” they are low glycemic. Our new BOLD bars however are only 5 grams of sugar. These new bars are a savoury alternative to the traditional sweet energy bar.

Where can I get these bars?

You can get them at almost any REI, at Whole Foods in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region, and on our website. www.beardedbros.com

On the golf course it’s very easy to grab a bag of chips but I’ve recently found a great healthy alternative to getting the munchies for salty things on the golf course. Snapea Crisps
are baked lightly salted snap peas. Snapea Crisps are surprisingly flavourful, a great alternative to chips on the golf course. They can be found at Costco. 100 calories a pack and gluten free.

Jun 26, 2015

Hilton Head Golf Island Named a "Top 10 Most Dreamed About U.S. Golf Destination"

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  6/26/2015 10:29:00 PM   No comments
As avid golfers we often dream of our favorite golf destination. That one area that's on our bucket list that has a plethora of golf courses that would ultimately feed our craving for golf and lead to bragging to our buddies. Hilton Head Island is definitely on my list and apparently on thousands of other golfers lists as well. Golf.com has compiled a list of the "Top 10 Most Dreamed About U.S. Golf Destination". Taking into consideration their favorite resorts, destinations, airlines, hotels, rental-car brands, and much more. The people have spoken and Hilton Head ended up #7.

Press Release  

Hilton Head Island Named ‘Top 10 Most Dreamed About U.S. Golf Destination’ by GOLF.com

(HILTON HEAD, S.C.) – Hilton Head Golf Island (HHGI) – a collection of premier resorts and courses in one of the world’s greatest golf destinations – has been named a “Top 10 Most Dreamed About U.S. Golf Destination” in GOLF.com’s inaugural “Golfers’ Choice Awards.”

GOLF.com collected data over a six-week span, during which nearly 6,000 respondents rated 24 categories in the golf-travel space. These included favorite destinations, resorts, hotels and more both in the U.S. and abroad. Participants were asked to rate only destinations and resorts they had visited in the past three years.

A wide array of value-laden summer golf packages is available on www.hiltonheadgolfisland.com. Among the premier on-island resorts offering getaway deals: Palmetto Dunes, the Sea Pines Resort and championship layouts from The Heritage Golf Collection.

Hilton Head Golf Island is easily accessible from numerous Southeast, Midwest and East Coast cities. Allegiant Air offers non-stop, one-way service from select Ohio cities (Akron, Cincinnati and Columbus) to Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (SAV), and JetBlue Airways offers non-stop, one-way flights to Savannah from Boston (BOS) and New York City (JFK).

For additional information about rates, restrictions and other package inclusions, or to receive a quote: www.hiltonheadgolfisland.com, 800.523.3373.

About Hilton Head Golf Island

Hilton Head Golf Island features more than 30 member courses on Hilton Head and Fripp Islands, as well as Bluffton, Beaufort and Jasper counties. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy Hilton Head’s Southern hospitality and world-class public and private designs sculpted by vaunted architects Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus and Robert Trent Jones.

Its territory encompasses many of the great golf courses and resorts of North America, and is ranked top 10 in seven categories by Golf Digest including “Best Buddies Trip Destination,” “Best Accommodations,” “Best Couples Trip,” “Best Courses,” “Best Food and Drink,” “Best Weather” and “Best Value.” Home to the world-renowned Sea Pines Resort, the PGA TOUR makes its only South Carolina stop each April at Harbour Town Golf Links for the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing.

The Lowcountry Golf Course Owners Association, in conjunction with the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Visitor and Conventions Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, launched Hilton Head Golf Island to support the island’s thriving golf market through promotion of golf rounds and packages.

Jun 11, 2015

The A Swing Book Review

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  6/11/2015 10:13:00 PM   No comments
The A Swing from David Leadbetter one of the world's leading golf instructor, is a fun instructional book geared towards those wanting to find an alternative to all those complicated golf swings. The A Swing stands for alternative - a simple way to swing the club.

I found the book a great read well written easy to read and comprehend and the the illustrations were great. All aspects were easy to understand and digest. Once finished the book it was easy to go back to each chapter and reread and look at the what fine points Leadbetter is trying to get across with the A Swing.

 Easy to understand illustrations of the A Swing

A book that beginners should read but also is great for those just wanting to improve in certain areas. You can take as much as you want from the book, as Leadbetter mentions you don't have to take 100% of  the A Swing. What ever you feel comfortable with, it is not an exact method. It can be tailored to the individual golfer.

Highlights of the book:
  • Easy to follow step-by-step approach
  •  200 illustrations, '
  • Easy drills 
  • 7-Minute Practice Plan

The A Swing is a way to develop a consistent, repetitive motion which will improve accuracy and distance, and is easy on the body.

The A Swing has been thoroughly tested with a wide range of players, from tour level to beginner, junior to senior so why not give it a read I believe most people will only take away positives.

The book can be bought at most online book stores at a variety of prices, plus on iTunes.

His tour players, whom he has coached over the years, have amassed 19 major golf championships. David has been prolific during his 30+ year career in producing books, videos, teaching aids that have inspired golfers of every level to reach their potential.

Jun 2, 2015

myCharge RazorMax Review - A Must Have Power Mulligan

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  6/02/2015 10:05:00 PM   No comments
When I first took the RazorMax from myCharge out of it's plastic case I had just returned from a 24 day trip with the family to Spain, France and Belgium. At first glance it's the same size of my old iPhone 4s. Pretty plain looking with not a lot of bells and whistles. Little did I know from that day forward I pretty much don't go anywhere without my RazorMax.

The main reason; the RazorMax just flat out works beautifully. I have an older iPhone and the battery basically sucks and dies quickly. With the RazorMax I have no worries. Here's the specs on the RazorMax:

Rechargeable 6000mAh battery

Crafted from anodized aluminum, the 6000mAh RazorMax delivers an extra 27 hours talk time for your smartphone. This powerbank comes equipped with 2 USB ports and is perfect for charging two devices at once. With a 2.4A output, the RazorMax portable charger is great for charging tablets and other power thirsty devices.

Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
Recharges Via: micro-USB cable
Compatibility: Tablets, Smartphones & USB Devices

Out on the golf course if I'm doing a course review that I have to take lots of pictures and videos or if I'm using a GoPro. The Razor Max is up to the task. With my iPhone plugged into my RazorMax there are no worries that my battery will run out. The anodized aluminum case stands up to walking or if your taking a cart.

When golfing if I'm using a GPS they tend to gobble your phone's battery. With the RazorMax you don't have to worry. With a fully charged RazorMax I never had a problem with my phone's battery and my GPS dying. The RazorMax delivers an extra 27 hours talk time for your smartphone.

When I'm delivering the mail (my full-time job) I always make sure my phone is plugged into my RazorMax. It gives me that confidence that I know I'll always have a charged battery for my phone.

The RazorMax retails for $69.99 very reasonable considering I can't live without it.

myCharge is a Michigan-based manufacturer of portable charging solutions that has been first to market offering the most advanced solutions for a multitude of needs.  Our devices integrate built–in charging cords that emphasize portability and versatility, and powerful lithium polymer batteries that allow you to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, eReader and other devices so they’re ready when you need them. From power banks to power cases, the diverse set of innovative myCharge solutions ensure you’ll never be stranded again. Ditch your dependency on cables and wall outlets – and let myCharge make your life a bit easier on and off the course!

May 26, 2015

Royal County Down and the Irish Open The Places To Be This Week

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  5/26/2015 09:50:00 PM   No comments
The closest I've been to the Royal County Down Club Golf Club was to Lisburn outside of Belfast when I visited family back in the late 90s. That was before I fell in love with this great game and evolving into a golf blogger just seemed like a natural evolution. Ranked as the #1 course outside of the U.S.A. Royal County Down is a links course for the ages and about 80,000 spectators will flock down the two lane road to Newcastle to watch the likes of World #1 Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler play this magnificent course. If this course isn't on your bucket list it damn well should be. Geoff Shackelford pretty much sums it up with the 7 things you need to know about the Irish Open and the incredible Royal County Down.

Also checkout Irish Golf Podcasts latest offering, a chat with the Secretary Manager of Royal Co. Down Golf Club, David Wilson, in advance of the club's hosting of the 2015 Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.

We discuss the history of the club, his role and responsibilities and what's involved in ensuring that a top 5 golf club remains just that. We discuss what is arguably the best value round of golf in the world, the impending changes to the course and the forthcoming Irish Open. In addition, we discuss how and when best to book a round at this world famous links and how best to make the most of your visit.

Also be sure and follow Matt Ginella who's in Ireland covering the Irish Open and playing in the pro-am with Rickie Fowler Wednesday.

May 22, 2015

10 Reasons To Use Clubs To Hire When Golfing In Europe

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  5/22/2015 10:31:00 PM   1 comment
The family and I just came back from a great 24 day trip to Europe which included mainly Spain, France, and Belgium. Of course I managed to squeeze in a few rounds of golf, I'm a golf blogger no less. When I left Ottawa there was still snow on the ground and of course Spain was just a perfect place for golf this time of the year. I didn't take my own clubs but used a service called Clubs To Hire. Here's my list of reasons to use this type of service.

1) Had my own backpack, my wife's and all three kids had backpacks. Bringing my clubs would of added to the chaos.

2) Picked clubs up right at the Malaga airport, right on the way out. Clubs To Hire has multiple airports at which you pick up.

3) Pickup was straightforward and easy.

4) Cost is between $35 and $60 EUROS per week.

5) If your thinking of buying new clubs here's a way to test out some clubs your thinking of buying in the future and you get to test them out on a golf course not a golf simulator.

6) You can hire some sweet clubs like the R15 driver and Taylormade RSI irons. Top of the 2015 line clubs to be able to play for multiple rounds is pretty awesome.

7) The clubs are in mint condition and don't show any sign of abuse or excessive wear like most golf course rental shop clubs.

8) You can swap out a club from the set, let's say a putter if it doesn't fit your eye. Great customer service.

9) Return was again straightforward and easy at the Malaga airport.

10) Staff at Clubs To Hire were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

May 10, 2015

Rickie Fowler Super Slow Motion Golf Swing Vision - 2015 Players Championship

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  5/10/2015 08:31:00 PM   3 comments
With a birdie on the first hole in sudden death, following a three-hole aggregate playoff, Rickie Fowler emerged with victory at THE PLAYERS. This was Fowler's day and it was a long time in the making. He closed out the tournament going 6-under over his last six holes to sign for a 5-under 36-31=67 and post 12-under 279. He was later matched by Sergio Garcia and then Kevin Kisner to force a first-ever three-hole aggregate playoff at THE PLAYERS. Fowler and Kisner matched birdie-2s on the 17th to finish the aggregate 1-under, eliminating Garcia (at even-par). Fowler would then dispatch Kisner on the first hole in sudden-death rolling in a five-footer for birdie and the title. On his final round, the 26-year-old was 1-over thru his first 12 holes with not much going his way, but fortunes began to change with birdies on 13 and 15. In the fairway on the par-5 16th, he nearly rinsed his approach from 239 yards out landing just a few paces from the water but it miraculously careened to just 2'5" for an eagle-3. Fowler would complete the dramatic finish with birdie from 6'10" on 17 and then on the last from 16'11".

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