Sep 25, 2017

Talented Field Set To Play The Marshes For The World Junior Girls Championship

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Happy to be participating today at the Marshes in a special tournament where I'll get to play golf with two talented Junior golfers, Pauline Roussin-Bouchard from France and  Hana Ryskova from the Czech Republic. The 60 talented athletes from 19 Countries will begin there competitive rounds tomorrow at the Marshes. Come and check some great Junior golf all week as its free and the Marshes is a great venue to watch golf.

OTTAWA – A well-accomplished field of competitors will take to The Marshes Golf Club from Sept. 24-29 for the fourth annual World Junior Girls Championship. In total, 60 athletes will represent 19 countries – including two teams from host nation Canada.

“With our partners, we are proud to offer a world-class event for girls of this age group, where there are fewer opportunities for international competitions,” said tournament director Mary Beth McKenna. “These girls are some of the best juniors in the world and we are thrilled to host them in a tournament where they can continue their growth and development.” 

This year’s field is highlighted by 11 competitors ranked inside the World Golf Amateur Rankings (WAGR) top 100. Among them are the tournament’s top two ranked players from Sweden: Amanda Linnér (No. 18) and Beatrice Wallin (No. 38). The pair will be joined by teammate Linn Grant (No. 84) — who was a member of the silver (2014) and bronze (2015) World Junior Girls Championship team medal winners. Both Linnér and Grant will make their second appearances at the championship. 

In 2017, Linnér captured the ANNIKA Invitational Europe and France International U21 (Esmond Trophy), while also placing second at the ANNIKA Invitational USA. Wallin earned a second place finish at the France International U21 (Esmond Trophy) and Grant picked up wins at the Helen Holm Scottish Open Stroke Play Championship and German Girls Open. 

The 2017 installment of the event will see numerous players return as 18 members of the field have played in at least one World Junior Girls Championship, including both the 2016 silver medallist Jennifer Chang (USA) and bronze medallist Caterina Don (Italy), who look to become the first repeat medallists in tournament history.

Led by the 91st ranked Chang, the American team will aim for another strong performance following last year’s third place result. Team USA will also feature 2017 U.S. Girls Champion Erica Shepherd (No. 162) and Gina Kim (No. 75). 

While the Italian team does boast the defending individual bronze medallist, it could be another member who steals the show. Alessia Nobilio, who participated in the 2016 World Junior Girls Championship, comes into the tournament as the third-highest ranked player at No. 41 after a 2017 season that saw her win the International Juniors of Belgium and France International  - Cecile de Rothschild Trophy. In addition, she and teammate Caterina Don (No. 127), won the Italian U18 Team Championship. Don also picked up individual honours with a win at the Italian Girls U18 National Championship. The two World Junior Girls Championship veterans will be joined by newcomer Alessandra Fanali, who currently ranks 112th in the WAGR. 

In 2016, the Philippines captured the title by a nine-stroke margin on the strength of gold medallist Yuka Saso, who was the lone player to finish the tournament under par. This year, the defending champions will be paced by Harmie Nicole Constantino (No. 305), who won the Philippine Amateur Open. She will be joined by teammates Junia Louise Gabasa and Kristine Torrabla.

With all of the returning teams and players, the World Junior Girls Championship is also pleased to welcome two teams that will be making their debut in 2017, Chinese Taipei and Switzerland. Chinese Taipei will send Kuan-Yu Lin (No. 1096), Hui-Wen Chiu (No. 943) and Jo-Hua Hung (No. 379). The Swiss will feature Victoria Monod (No. 612), Elena Moosmann (No. 85) and Chiara Tamburlini (No. 376). 

The strong international field will join the six players chosen to represent Canada. Monet Chun (Richmond Hill, Ont.), Ellie Szeryk (London, Ont.) and Céleste Dao (Notre-Dame Ile Perrot, Que.) will form Canada One, while Alyssa DiMarcantonio (Maple, Ont.), Euna Han (Coquitlam, B.C.) and Emily Zhu (Richmond Hill, Ont.) will make up Canada Two. 

In addition to the four-round, 72-hole team and individual event, the World Junior Girls Championship will celebrate the game of golf and promote the development of junior girls golf. There will be a PGA of Canada coaching summit and Future Champions Clinic on Sept. 24. The opening ceremonies take place on Sept. 25 before the first round of competition on Sept. 26. Closing ceremonies will take place on Sept. 29 immediately following play. 
Admission to the competition is free. Additional information regarding the fourth annual World Junior Girls Championship can be found on the competition’s website.

Sep 14, 2017

Choosing Beginner Golf Clubs – Top Tips!

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So you have decided to start playing golf. That’s awesome!

The challenge now is to find the right set of golf clubs for your skill level.

In this article I set out the key characteristics to look for when choosing a set of beginner clubs.

To kick off lets start at the tee with the driver and work towards the green.


Golf drivers are a minefield! There are literally hundreds of different shapes and sizes! The main things to consider if you are just starting out are: club head size, loft, adjustability and shaft flex.

In terms of head size I recommend going for the maximum size, which is 460cc (this is a volume measurement in cubic centimetres). A larger head size will be more forgiving on miss-hits, have a larger sweet spot and provide more consistency and distance.

Driver lofts vary from as low as 7 degrees to as high as 12 degrees. As a beginner go for a 10 or 11 degree loft as this will make it easier to launch the ball off the tee. If possible, also try to get a driver that has an adjustable hosel that allows you to increase or decrease the loft by 1 or 2 degrees.

Driver adjustability systems are probably one of the biggest game changers in the past decade. Nowadays many drivers come with adjustable weight and loft systems. These systems allow you to setup the driver to help control shape of the ball. For example, if you struggle with a hook or slice you can easier adjust the weight to the toe or heel to correct for these shape shots.

Finally, the shaft flex is a really important factor to consider. The faster your swing the more stiff you would want your shaft flex to be. It is worth measuring your swing speed to get a sense of what shaft flex would suit your swing well, but as a quick rule of thumb you can use the table below.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are an important club in the beginner’s bag. The two fairway woods that are most common are the 3-wood and 5-wood. Both have a potential role to play, however with the advent of hybrid clubs (discussed below), the 5-wood has become less of a priority.

Fairway woods, as the name suggests, are designed to be hit directly off the turf. Because of this they tend to have a shallower face and lower sweet spot than a driver. They also have more loft, typically ranging from 13 degrees up to 16 degrees for 3-woods and 17-22 degrees for 5-woods.

Fairway woods can have relatively small heads, as small as 180cc, so the trick as a beginner is to select one that is not too small. Ideally for a 3-wood you should try to make sure the head size is greater than 200cc. A larger head size will increase the sweet spot and make it easier to hit. You should also go with fairway woods that have graphite shafts that match your swing speed.


Hybrids are a brilliant addition to the beginner’s golf back as they merge together the low centre of gravity potential of a fairway wood with the flatter sole of a long iron. This makes them a lot easier to hit than standard long irons (1-5 irons).

As you probably already know, long irons are not easy to hit as they have low lofts with very small and narrow faces. Hybrids in effect solve this problem by swallowing out the face; broadening the sweet spot and bulging the club slightly back so that it can easily glide through turf. However, like an iron, the lie, length, loft and weight are similar.

If you are just starting out I would literally bin all your long irons or select a beginners set that does not include them. To replace these irons I would go for two hybrids - a 4H (which typically replaces the 4-iron and has a loft of 24 degrees) and a 5H (which replaces the 5-iron and has a loft of 27 degrees).


Like drivers, irons come in many different shapes and sizes too. The better players prefer irons with a muscle back or blade like design as these types of irons tighten the sweet spot. However, as a beginner you want your sweet spot to be as broad as possible. To do this the iron needs to have a cavity back with the weight distributed outward.

Moreover, an offset clubface (i.e. the club head is set back from the shaft) is also desirable as this allows one to get under and through the ball better than irons that have little offset.

Finally, if you have heeded my advice and decided to bin your long irons, then the only irons you will need in your bag are the 6-9 irons (excluding wedges of course, as we discuss these below).


Wedges are used around the green to finesse the ball close to the pin. They range from pitching wedges and gap wedges to sand wedges and lob wedges. As the names suggest, each wedge has a different purpose and design, with lofts varying from as low as 50 degrees up to 64 degrees.

As a beginner I recommend getting two types of wedges – a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The key thing to consider when selecting these wedges is your angle of attack. This is the angle at which your club strikes the ground. You can determine this by looking at your divot. If you find you take deep divots then you most likely have a steep angle of attack. If however, your divots are shallow then your angle of attack is probably also shallow.

As a rule of thumb if your angle of attack is steep, a common feature for beginners, then you will benefit from getting wedges with wide soles and high bounce angles (a measure of the angle of the trailing edge of the sole to the leading edge). If your attack is shallow though you should opt for a narrower sole and lower bounce angle.


Now that we have reached the green we get to probably the most important club, the putter. As the saying goes, you drive for show but you putt for doe. Undoubtedly one of the most important areas in golf is putting. The good news is that choosing a putter pretty much comes down to personal preference and general feel. The bad news is even the best putters in the world will not make you a good putter.

That being said it is worthwhile paying attention to a few features.

First, the weight of a putter is important. Generally the more weight the easier it is to stay sturdy over putts and give a consistent roll to the ball. This makes mallet putters a good option for beginners, as they tend to have a little more weight.

Second, some putters have alignment features. These are proven to help align putts and are worthwhile having.

And finally, a thicker grip is significantly better than standard size putter grips as they provide more stability in ones hands, and therefore the putter is less likely to twist in the stroke.

Get Fitted

I hope this article has helped clarify what you should look for in your beginners set. If you are serious about improving your game it is always worthwhile to get custom fitted by a professional.

Sep 8, 2017

4th Annual World Junior Girls Championship Includes 6 Canadians - The Marshes Hosts

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Excited to attend this event tagging along with an amateur for a Junior/Amateur Event Shotgun start- (Official Practice Round) on September 25th at the The Marshes Golf Club.


Two teams will fly the flag for Canada at The Marshes Golf Club in Ottawa
OAKVILLE, Ont. – The world’s top 18-and-under female junior golfers will head to Ottawa for the fourth edition of the World Junior Girls Championship from Sept. 26-29 at The Marshes Golf Club. As host nation, Canada will send two teams of three athletes to compete for the international title of World Junior Girls champion.

“It is an honour to host this prestigious event and we look forward to welcoming these players to Canada,” said tournament director Mary Beth McKenna. “The course is in fantastic shape and we are thrilled to host some of the world’s best juniors at this historic club. Our partners at The Marshes Golf Club and the communities in the surrounding area have come together to make this a truly memorable event for our competitors.” 

Representing Canada One will be Monet Chun (Richmond Hill, Ont.), Céleste Dao (Notre-Dame Ile Perrot, Que.) and Ellie Szeryk (London, Ont.), who are three of Canada’s top-ranked junior golfers at No. 375, 453 and 597, respectively, on the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR). 
The 16-year-old Chun is experiencing her first year as a member of Team Canada’s Development Squad and second year representing Canada at the World Junior Girls. So far in 2017, she has wins at both the Future Links, driven by Acura Ontario Championship and the Ontario Junior Spring Classic, which put her in second on the Junior Girls Order of Merit – the same spot she finished at last year. 

Dao is having an extremely impressive season for the second straight year. In 2017, she registered six wins and made it to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Junior Girls Championship to lead the Future Links, driven by Acura Junior Girls Order of Merit. Dao will also play in her second consecutive World Junior Girls Championship – she finished T16 in 2016 alongside Chun.
Szeryk, sister of Canada’s top-ranked amateur female golfer Maddie, has two victories in 2017 so far including six top-five finishes. She currently sits in fourth in the Junior Girls Order of Merit and made it to the round of 32 at the 2017 U.S. Junior Girls Championship after earning gold medallist honours at the qualifying tournament in Garland, Texas.

As the host country, Canada reserves the right to field two teams in the 60-player, 19-country competition. Canada Two will consist of Alyssa DiMarcantonio (Maple, Ont.), Euna Han (Coquitlam, B.C.) and Emily Zhu (Richmond Hill, Ont.) who are ranked 776, 955 and 1,792, respectively. 

DiMarcantonio, 14, won her second event of the season at the MJT – Spring Invitational and has six top-five finishes this year. She is currently enjoying her best season on the junior circuit and sits sixth on the Junior Girls Order of Merit. 

Han has three wins in 2017 including earning gold medallist honours at the U.S. Junior Girls Qualifier in Kent, Wa., where she went on to finish in the round of 64. Her only wins of her junior career came this year and she is in eighth in the Junior Girls Order of Merit. Han represented Canada previously at the 2015 World Junior Girls Championship, also hosted at The Marshes.
Zhu is the youngest of all Canadian team members at the age of 13. She has seven top-five finishes this year and competed in the Canadian Women’s Amateur Championship where she finished T66. Her last win came in 2016 at the MJT – PGA of Ontario Junior Championship and she currently sits in ninth in the Junior Girls Order of Merit. 

“Golf Ontario is excited to once again partner with Golf Canada to conduct this global championship at another of Ontario’s storied clubs – The Marshes Golf Club,” said Mike Kelly, Golf Ontario executive director. “We thank their membership and volunteer committees for all their hard work. We are thrilled for our athletes from Ontario who have been selected to represent Canada and wish them the best of luck.” 

“These six athletes have had tremendous seasons and their selections to Team Canada are the result of their hard work and commitment to the sport,” said Jeff Thompson, Golf Canada’s chief sport officer. “The joint efforts of Provincial Golf Associations, home clubs, parents and athletes have made this accomplishment possible and they should all be proud to have earned their selections.” 

Ann Carroll (women’s national development squad coach) and Matt Wilson (Golf Canada’s director of next generation performance) will lead the two Team Canada squads for this competition.

In addition to the 72-hole team and individual competitions, the World Junior Girls Championship will be a celebration of the sport with a specific focus on the development and promotion of junior girls golf.  The days leading up to tournament play will see a PGA of Canada coaching summit as well as a free junior girls skills clinic.

Opening ceremonies for the championship take place on Sept. 25 followed by the first round on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The tournament’s closing ceremonies will immediately follow the conclusion of play on Friday, Sept. 29.

Admission to the competition is free. Additional information regarding the fourth annual World Junior Girls Championship can be found on the competition’s website.
- 30 -

The World Junior Girls Golf Championship is an annual event conducted by Golf Canada in partnership with Golf Ontario. The international competition features three-player teams of 18-and-under athletes. As host country, Canada will field two of the tournament’s 20 teams competing over 72 holes for both individual and team honours. The event receives funding and support from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport; Ottawa Tourism; the Golf Canada Foundation (Women's Golf Fund); Sport Canada; the R&A; the International Golf Federation; the PGA of Canada; and Levelwear. Admission and parking for the World Junior Girls Golf Championship is free. For more information, visit


Golf Ontario is Ontario’s Provincial Sport Organization focused on enhancing participation, elevating performance and supporting the passion of golfers in Ontario. With over 90,000 individual members and 450 member clubs, Golf Ontario is one of the largest golf associations in the world.  From rating courses and keeping the integral rules of the game intact, to growing the game at the grassroots level and getting the game of golf into our school systems, to keeping the Ontario golf community aware of all relevant issues and hosting the best amateur tournaments in Canada, Golf Ontario is a passionate group dedicated to making golf better for everyone in Ontario. We share a love and passion for golf, while preserving its past, fostering its future, and championing golf’s best interests for everyone who enjoys the sport.
Golf Canada is the National Sports Federation and governing body for golf in Canada representing 305,000 golfers and more than 1,400 member clubs across the country. A proud member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Golf Canada’s mission is to grow participation, excellence and passion in the sport while upholding the integrity and traditions of the game. By investing in the growth of the sport and introducing more participants of all ages to the game, our goal is to be relevant to and respected by all Canadian golf enthusiasts from coast to coast. For more information about what Golf Canada is doing to support golf in your community, visit

Sep 6, 2017

Stacy Lewis - Antigua Staff Player Wins Cambria Portland Classic

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Had the pleasure of interviewing Stacy Lewis on the final day of the CP Women's Open here in Ottawa a little over a week ago where she finished up with a respectable showing of T12. In hindsight it's not surprising she followed it up with a win in Portland where she dominated another great field of LPGA stars including Brooke Henderson and Lexi Thompson.

I only asked Stacy about scoliosis and kids, as both my girls have been monitored for the last few years at CHEO regarding scoliosis. Here it is, enjoy.

Press Release

Stacy Lewis - Antigua Staff Player Wins Cambria Portland Classic - Donates Purse to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Peoria, AZ - The Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand congratulates Stacy Lewis on her LPGA Tour victory at the Cambia Portland Classic.

Lewis fired a 3-under par 69 on Sunday at the Cambia Portland Classic and finished at 20-under par for the tournament. This was the 12th win for Lewis on the LPGA Tour and her first of 2017.
Lewis has lived in the Houston area since age 11 and considers the city as her "hometown," and has been affected by the extensive damage that Hurricane Harvey has unleashed on Houston. Her winning share of the purse from the tournament - $195,000 - is being donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

"All of us at Antigua are so proud to have Stacy Lewis represent our brand," said Ron McPherson, President & CEO of Antigua. "Stacy is a great champion but an even greater human being."

About Antigua
Headquartered in Peoria, Arizona, The Antigua Group, through its license sports division, holds license agreements with National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), Minor League Baseball (MiLB), Major League Soccer (MLS), National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), along with numerous American universities and colleges for men's, women's and children's apparel, headwear and luggage. Antigua additionally designs, produces and supplies product for corporate America and specialty retail managed under its corporate division. Its golf division also holds license agreements with the PGA TOUR, LPGA and the PGA of America

Find Antigua on the web at: and
Like Antigua on Facebook at:
Follow Antigua on Twitter at:
See Antigua YouTube videos at:

Sep 1, 2017

Galvin Green Introduces Insula Lite Range - Caroline Masson Talks Galvin Green

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I was lucky enough to have a quick chat last week with 2017 Solheim Cup European Team Member Caroline Masson who I asked about her sponsor Galvin Green. It just so happens this week Galvin Green introduced its range of Insula™ Lite performance jackets and vests. Extremely lightweight and breathable, the Insula Lite pieces feature enhanced thermal regulation technology to maintain core body temperature as cooler weather becomes a factor.

Press Release

Galvin Green Introduces Insula™ Lite Range for Autumn/Winter 2017
Lightweight Performance Outerwear Features Enhanced Thermal Technology

(Växjö, Sweden) – Galvin Green – the world’s leading maker of high-performance and functional golf apparel and the No. 1 global golf partner of GORE-TEX® – introduces its 2017 Autumn/Winter Insula™ Lite outerwear rang
e marrying exceptionally soft, lightweight material with advanced thermal regulation technology for remarkable breathability, warmth and comfort.

Developed by golfers for golfers, Insula Lite performance fabric incorporates built-in air chambers warmed by body heat, while also allowing excess heat and moisture to escape. This creates long-lasting insulation and air flow to maintain ideal body temperature.

“Our engineers continue to push the envelope, bringing leading-edge fabrications and designs to the marketplace,” says Jonathan Wong, President of Galvin Green Canada. “Insula Lite is a go-to piece that players can depend on to comfortably play well into colder weather.”

The latest Warm Layer development in the brand’s renowned Multi-Layer Concept, highlight Insula Lite pieces include the men’s Dean half-zip pullover featuring a mélange design and the Derry full-zip vest. Rounding out line is the Dash pullover with PrimaLoft padding and the Duke half-zip hoodie.

Based in Sweden, Galvin Green is a pure golf brand that developed the sport’s first apparel layering system – the Multi-Layer Concept – more than a decade ago. This distinctive approach uses leading-edge fabric technologies to ensure the dry comfort, thermal regulation and outer protection that helps players optimize performance.

Galvin Green is the Official Team Supplier of Outerwear for the 2016 and 2018 European Ryder Cup Teams. Through this partnership, the company will provide its premium waterproof garments to the captains, vice captains, team members and their caddies during the matches at Hazeltine National Golf Club (2016) and Le Golf National (2018).

Learn more at; get social at and @GalvinGreen

About Galvin Green

Galvin Green is a family-owned business founded in 1990. A pure golf brand, its products – including premium outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories – are available for purchase at better green grass shops and golf-specialty retail locations in more than 20 countries.

Crafted by golfers for golfers, every garment and layer has been developed to be compatible – providing exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. Each detail exists because the game demands it.

Aug 30, 2017

Female V. Male Golfing Stars

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  8/30/2017 09:01:00 PM   No comments

Golf is now one of the most popular sports played and watched across the world. It’s popularity has continued to grow meaning many more people now play the sport with more and more top players joining the professional ranks. There are a vast number of top Female and Male golf stars in the game today. Whether that be the likes of Jordan Spieth or Rory Mcilroy as they duel for the career grand slam. You must also look at stars of the Women’s game such as Lexi Thompson or the current world number one in So Yeon Ryu. With the continued skill level increasing on both sides, how do Male and Female golfers now stack up against each other? What are the biggest golf betting wins in history including the recent 500/1 by Kim Si-Woo in the Players Championship and what are the odds for some upcoming and recent tournaments. This infographic will cover all these questions as well as some facts about Males and Females competing against each other in the past. You can now also bet on the golf here and back your stars in upcoming and future events.

Aug 28, 2017

Brooke Henderson's Poise and Professionalize A Pleasure To Watch On and Off The Golf Course

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  8/28/2017 08:04:00 PM   No comments
Now that the dust has settle on a busy week of attending the CP Women's Open, all I can say is I'm hooked. The event was amazing from start to finish. Having media credentials gave me access to many of the behind the scenes and the inner workings of an LPGA event. It also gave me insight into what a day consists of for Brooke Henderson. I have a tonne of respect for her. On Sunday after her round of 71 and T12, she was being tugged in all directions by various media asking her many questions. She was poised and professional. She answered all questions and was super amazing with fans signing signature after signature. Good going Brooke you'll be CP Women's Open Champion soon enough.

Sunday - CP Women's Open - Sung Hyun Park Wins 2017 CP Women's Open

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  8/28/2017 08:02:00 AM   No comments
Wow what a finish to a spectacular week at the 2017 CP Women's Open. The outcome most people wanted a first Canadian victory since Jocelyne Bourassa for Brooke Henderson didn't materialize but it wasn't for a lack of effort as the thousands of golf fans cheered on her every shot.

Sung Hyun Park, a LPGA Tour rookie, fired a brilliant 7-under-par 64 on Sunday (round of the day) to win the CP Women’s Open by two shots over Mirim Lee.

For most people they might be unfamiliar with Park but for those diehard LPGA fans she captured the U.S. Women’s Open earlier this year, and certainly has a wrap on the LPGA Rookie of the Year Award.

“I think it was a perfect game today,” she said. “There were no mistakes today and I think it was perfect.”

“Because I am a rookie, I don’t really worry about every shot,” explained Park. “I just did every shot with confidence. My confidence made me do well this year.”

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