Apr 13, 2014

Bubbba Watson Wins 2nd Green Jacket - Masters 2014 Champ

Bubba Watson tee shot at 10th Masters 2014

Bubba Watson and His Son Share a Masters Moment on The 18th at Augusta

Apr 12, 2014

Keegan Bradley Sporting The Sweetest Kicks - Nike Air Jordan golf shoes at the Masters

With the years first major comes all the various apparel scripting from all the big companies. Some great colors and variation for this years Masters. One of my favorite colors this time of the year is the way companies use green in their apparel and golf shoes. The best this year has to be Keegan Bradley's wicked Augusta green Masters-themed Air Jordans. First brought to use from Keegan's IG account. These are just place sweet.

Keegan does have some sweet kicks including the “Concord” Air Jordan 11 Golf Shoes

Some nice Jumpman golf shoes Keegan wore at the President's Cup.

Apr 9, 2014

Best Photos From The Masters

One of my favorite forums for pictures of the Masters is GolfWRX.com is packed with a plethora of players equipment, apparel and shots. Enjoy!

Can't beat Social Media giant Twitter. Seems the best for great Masters photos. I've got all the Pros I follow in a nice little list so it's easy to see great tweets/photos. Ian Poulter, Graham McDowell and Trevor Immelman are some of the best

Instagram is a great way to see various photos from Augusta check out hash tags #TheMasters #Masters #Greenjacket #Augusta #amencorner #AugustaNational

Function 18 2014 Masters Promotion

Online golf clothing store Function 18 has today announced the launch of their anticipated Masters promotion.

With 10% off all orders over £10 and 15% off all orders over £100, now is the perfect time to stock up on your golf clothing & accessories in time for the summer season.

The promotion is available across all major golf brands available online at Function18 including Oscar Jacobson, Nike Golf, Puma Golf, Adidas Golf and Hugo Boss, and will run throughout the Masters tournament until Sunday 13th April.

Take advantage of this great promotion this weekend and visit www.function18.com

Apr 7, 2014

Celebrating 80 years of the Masters

With this year marking the 80th anniversary of the Masters, here's a fun infographic of Masters firsts.

Apr 6, 2014

Ground Force Trainer Review

Simple to Use Golf Trainer 
Work on your back swing
Muscle memory will improve your yardage

The Ground Force Trainer was a welcome sight two weeks before my golf trip to North Carolina. With such a busy schedule the only golf practice I had been doing was hitting putts in my basement with my various SeeMore putters. I’m not one for all the various “improve your golf swing” paraphernalia but the Ground Force Trainer was a welcome sight after a long winter. It arrived in a simple box with a plethora of literature guaranteeing me a gain of 10 yds.

Well sign me up but I’d be happy with solid contact after an almost 4 month break from swinging the golf club. So I had two weeks to see what the Ground Force Trainer could do.

Ground Force Trainer kit ( MSRP $119 US) includes the patent-pending square rotational disk, power pole, DVD, lead leg support foam pad, instruction manual and mesh carry bag.

Dr. Jenni Martin, a chiropractor, LPGA professional and Titleist Performance Institute-certified instructor created the Ground Force Trainer. It features square-rotational disks on which the back foot sits. The key here is to keep the disks aligned while taking a backswing.

“When you stand on an unstable surface you have to dig in on the inside of the right foot to keep the board from not rotating,” said Martin. This makes total sense. In fact, just today I was working on keeping weight on my back foot as I got the rust out of my irons at my indoor range at ClubLink’s Greenhills Golf Club. Martin knows what she’s talking about.

The unstable surface of the Ground Force Trainer helps create the sensation of developing power from ground force with the trail side leg and gluteal muscles, according to Martin. “The Ground Force Training disks create this instability and causes a specific muscular reaction that mimics, exactly, the sensation and strength necessary to motor learn the proper load in the back swing.

“It’s really primarily for people losing their power,” added Martin. “What I have seen is if they do 10, 15 of them a day, holding it to a count of five, taking maybe two minutes, it will motor train them and it corrects a lot of swing faults. If they do it every day for 30 days I can guarantee 10 yards.”

So for two weeks leading up to my North Carolina golf trip I used the Ground Force Trainer primarily downstairs in front of a mirror in our work room. Simple to use the trainer helps you develop your coil in your back swing making sure you have a higher percentage of your weight on your back foot (60-80% on your right foot for right handed golfers). Muscle memory being the important key here just a few minutes a day the trainer will help with your distance.

Simple To Use
The Ground Force Trainer was real easy to use. Prompts on the wooden swivel board make it easy to use day after day.

  • Place trail foot in center of swivel board
  • Keep big toe facing forward (Do not allow foot to rotate during exercise)
  • Keep the front of boards parallel during drill
  • Keep 60-80% of weight on trail fool (Right for RH golfer)

Couple minutes a day – 30 days guaranteed to gain 10 yards
I had 3 solid rounds of golf in North Carolina with pretty good contact and pretty great early season results. The Ground Force Trainer obviously had something to do with this. I’m going to continue with the trainer and will add my results in early spring. We'll see if I can add 10 yards.

Apr 3, 2014

The Masters - Best 2014 Golf Pool Going

 The first major is just around the corner and I know I'll be playing in the best Masters pool going. Séamus runs some great pools and they'll be three starting next week so get in on the action. Tiger is out of action so who's your choice to don the green jacket. Can't wait to watch the action from Augusta. Maybe next year I'll get tickets through the lottery. One can only hope.

If you enjoy watching golf on TV, consider joining one of our golf contests as they are sure to enhance your TV viewing thru the event. We are pleased to offer up the following contests:

- Craig's Big 5 Contest
- Grand Slam Contest
- Masters Elimination Contest.

1) Craig's Big 5 Contest
You select a team of 12 golfers to compete at the 4 Majors and the Players Championship (5th Major). The top 60 ranked players will be selected and divided into 5 performance groups of 12 based on World Golf Rankings. This is a contest of skill that requires contestants to make 2 selections from each performance group. 2 additional wildcard selections are also made from outside the top 60 ranked players listed in the performance groups.

Total Player Earnings of contestant's selection's over the 5 events will determine winners. There are payouts for each event in addition to an overall ending payout.

The entry fee for this contest is $20 and is payable before start of play on April 10th and we typically get $2,200 in this prize fund.

The Player Groupings are now posted and we are ready for your submissions.

All the contest details are at:

2) Grand Slam ContestYou select players in each event however and you only can use the same player in 2 of the 4 events. Total Player Earnings of contestant's selection's over the 4 Majors will determine winners. There are payouts for each event and an overall Grand Slam ending payout.

The entry fee for this contest is $40 payable in 2 installments of $20 due on April 10th & June 1st and we typically get $2,000 in this prize fund.

All the contest details are at:

3) Masters Elimination Pool
The top 60 ranked players from the tournament field will be selected and divided into 5 performance groups based on World Tour Rankings. You select 1 payer from each performance group. The Contest is stroke play, meaning the aggregate score for the contestant's four golfers will determine their position relative to the other contestants. If any of the golfers selected misses the cut, the contestant will be eliminated from the contest.

The entry fee for this contest is $20 Canadian and payable before start of play. We typically get 100+ participants in this contest making for some nice payouts.

All the contest details are at:

To participate in any or all of these contests, sign up now and get in on the action at:


Apr 2, 2014

Coldfusion Golf Ball Review

When Frozen Balls are Good

Part 1 North Carolina Review- Cape Fear National Golf Course

Being a golfer in Canada means you have to be use to playing in all kinds of weather conditions. Sometimes you need a little help with hand warmers and various layers of clothing. How about a golf ball that actually performs better in colder conditions, sounds pretty good right? Well I was lucky enough to meet Ted Ciesla from ColdFusion Golf Balls on my North Carolina Golf trip and golfed with him at Oyster Bay Golf Links. He was nice enough to give me a couple of sleeves of balls.

ColdFusion Golf Balls - the only golf ball designed specifically for cold weather. Designed and manufactured for playing golf when the thermometer dips below 60 degree F (15.5 degrees C).

I decided to break out the first sleeve of Coldfusion golf balls at Cape Fear National Golf Course. The weather was shaping up for a fair test for the Coldfusion, the only golf ball designed specifically for cold weather.

The day of our round at Cape Fear was cold windy and with a low in the 40s.
The conditions were extremely tough all round with major gusts of wind to 40+ km/h.

I decided from the get go to only use the Coldfusion golf ball on the par 3s.
I found the ball worked great off the tee on all the par 3s. I used both irons and hybrids off the tee and didn’t see any lose of length with any of the club. The ball has a nice click off the irons and hybrids. The ball performed well out of the bunkers at Cape Fear.

With any chips and pitches around the green I found it to be an adequate ball. Would of like a little better feel around the green with the ball. On the green the ball putted adequately I found the feel not as much to my liking as my usual staple of golf balls.

For maximum playability, chill ColdFusion Golf balls before teeing them up.ColdFusion Golf balls are priced affordable at only $29.99/dozen and available for purchase online. Bulk and international orders are available by contacting ColdFusion Golf.

My first round with the Coldfusion was good, I look to further test this cold weather ball up here in the Great White North. The golf season should be just around the corner here in Ottawa so I’ll be testing the Coldfusion golf ball soon at Rideau View Golf Course soon. Stay tuned.

Standard golf balls are manufactured for an optimum temperature of ~80 degrees F. When they get cold, they become less resilient and don’t compress as they should off the clubface. This can result in a loss of 2 – 2.5 yards for every 10 degree drop in temperature. The chillier it gets, the greater the loss in distance and feel. With ColdFusion Golf balls, the colder it gets the better they perform.

What makes the ColdFusion golf ball function so well in frosty conditions is its core/cover combination. Built to USGA specifications the ball is designed using a custom core that when chilled or even frozen, retains its elasticity, leading to better distance control. The softer and thicker cover also ensures the ball is more responsive off the club face, giving golfers more spin control around the greens, and better feel with every club in their bag, including their putter.

About ColdFusion Golf Inc.
ColdFusion Golf is the leader in cold weather golf products. Its mission is to provide golfers with
solutions that will help improve their golf game and have more consistency and fun on the course when
the temperature drops below 60 degrees F.
Follow us on @ColdFusionGolf, Facebook, Pinterest