Feb 24, 2015

Lydia Ko Gets A Tattoo To Celebrate First Win

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Love golf, love tattoos. So hearing about Lydia Ko getting some ink in celebration of her first professional win, the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic last spring. I think it's great, getting the date (April 27, 2014) -- in Roman numerals on her wrist.

Some would said she's just a crazy seventeen year old but the LPGA top-ranked woman golfer in the world is a pretty cool golfer if you ask me. Well done Lydia.

Here's the transcript of Lydia discussing the tatt.

ISPS HANDA Women's Australian Open

Lydia Ko - Sunday transcript

23 Feb 2015

by Golf Australia

Q: Can you talk us through the ink that you’ve got on your arm?

A: “It’s the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic tournament win date last year in April. It’s my first win on the LPGA as a LPGA tour member. My parents were there and I felt like it was a very memorable win so I got that tatted up.”

Feb 23, 2015

Book Review - Golf Etiquette Quick Reference

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While not your conventional "golf" book Yves C. Ton-That, a leading rules experts has put together a great reference tool when it comes to golf etiquette. "Golf Etiquette Quick Reference" is the perfect guide for those looking to brush up on the correct conduct on the golf course. Etiquette can sometimes be intimidating but Yves goes through many points in a clear and concise manner making it ideal for those new to the game plus the season veteran golfer looking to brush up on this highly addictive sport.

Neatly arranged in 8 color coded sections it's easy to flip through to sections involving conduct before a round or conduct in and around hazards. This isn't a book your going to read from start to finish but more of a book you can flip through and become acquainted with different sections.

I really liked the fact the book is small, just a little larger than my iPhone and can be easily stored safely in my golf bag because of the hard plastic cover.

I could definitely see this being a great guide and reference tool when I have any of my three kids on the golf course. Not referring to it all the time but using it once a round to refer to a certain point of etiquette of golf. Plus it would be a great refresher for me as well.

Reasonable priced at $12.95 USD.

Feb 19, 2015

SeeMore Putters Introduces SeeMore Insider 2.0

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I am a player. I know my game; its strengths and weaknesses. I am an independent thinker. Advertisements and commercials don't influence me. Endorsement deals don't persuade me. I only want the best equipment that offers the one thing I'm truly interested in: Results.
SeeMore Owner
I've always been a fan of SeeMore Putters, from the simple putting techniques that SeeMore teaches to the beautifully crafted flatsticks. When putting accounts for 40% of your strokes out on the golf course I trust my stroke to a SeeMore. Intrigues by their new SeeMore Insider 2.0. I've already signed up to see what it's all about.

SeeMore Insider 2.0
Receive real-time insight into putting instruction, tour tips and insider information from your handheld device or computer.  SeeMore is excited to announce the building upon its relationship with Edufii.  Now, SeeMoreans can receive the same type of online communication that our SPi Certified Instructors and Fitters receive on a daily basis.
Simply CLICK HERE and begin to receive great benefits and information about the SeeMore Putter Company.  Our goal is to make SeeMore Insider 2.0 a truly interactive experience for you, our SeeMore family member.  JOIN FOR FREE!!
 BENEFITS – new model updates, access to limited tour prototype designs before general public and communicate with top SPi instructors in the world on a daily basis.

We are proud to announce the establishment of SeeMore Insider 2.0. Its mission is to unite those passionate players who are independent in both thought and action in every aspect of their game.
Other companies have the tendency to refer to their club members as "customers". While this might be true, it is not entirely accurate when it comes to SeeMore. A SeeMore putter is one of those rare products that move its owner beyond mere function. In combining the finest of materials, meticulous craftsmanship and patented technology, it achieves a level of sophistication and performance unmatched in the industry. It empowers one to achieve results in their game that they've only dreamed about. Results and the passion of putting is what attract customers to SeeMore. This club is for our customers: the players.

Feb 16, 2015

Cigar Etiquette/ Rules on the Golf Course

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Watching the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am this weekend got me thinking about cigar smoking on the golf course. While I’ve on occasion enjoyed a cigar both socially (ah! Miami) and on the golf course. It’s always smart to go over a few points of etiquette before you light up on the golf course even for the veteran cigar aficionado and especially the newbie.

Ask Before Lighting Up
Before you light up be sure and ask your playing partners if it’s OK if you light up. It’s all about respect.

Bring Extras
It’s never cool to light another man’s cigar or share, so bring a few extra for those that want to indulge with you out on the links. Bring a variety of cigars as well as flavours and strengths as most newbies might not want to start out with a Presidente. That’s when you search out some great cigar deals online.

Disposal of Cigar
So I know you’re outside enjoying a nice Cohíba cigar and a round of golf but tossing your cigar just anywhere is definitely frowned upon. Keep the greens clean. Nobody wants to putt through your cigar butt or either. So be respectful of your group and the groups to follow and bring along an ashtray (ash management)

Bring the Right Lighter
Lighting the cigar in a “three-club” wind can be difficult make sure you bring along a good torch type lighter that will do the trick.

Cigar Holder
Tossing your cigar down on the grass while you hit your tee shot, not the best idea considering the different fertilizers golf courses use. So finding the right holder is important. I’ve used a DivPro that works pretty good out on the course.

Transporting Cigars
So you want to make sure your cigars are protected from damage, especially if you’re carrying your clubs so a sturdy container is a must. A Tupperware or glass container or any other durable carrying case will work perfectly.

Don’t Bring Your Best
Odds are after hitting your drive into the trees or chatting with friends on the course you may end of leaving your cigar just about anywhere. Be sure to bring cigars you won’t be upset about leaving behind.

Bring a Cutter
Pick up an inexpensive cutter to keep in your golf bag and it will save you a lot of headaches. Plus it might make you a few friends along the way.

So do you have any more etiquette/ rules for the golf course?

Feb 2, 2015

A Little Q&A Time with Kikkor Golf Owner James Lepp

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The Future, Creative Process,  PGA Merchandise Show
It's been awesome following Kikkor Golf since the beginning and I can remember the first time speaking to owner James Lepp. Hearing the passion in his voice for what he was doing with golf shoes, a true pioneer of the street style look. You knew there were good things going to happen for James and his company.

Wanted to touch base with James early in the year and ask him a few questions on the future, the creative process and the PGA Merchandise Show. Here's what he had to say:

 Q&A With Kikkor Golf's James Lepp

Where do you get inspiration for your new designs?

To be frank, we look everywhere but the golf industry. The golf industry is typically a little 'slow' with fashion trends, so we try to stay ahead of that by looking at trends off the course.

Are there any golfers do you look to for inspiration?

I find that while golf fashion is much better than 10 years ago, still today many golfers look the same. Dress code policies, both on the PGA Tour and at many clubs, force people to look the same. Afterall, there are only so many things you can do to a golf polo. So really, it's tough to look at any golfer for inspiration, because the dress codes force things to be not very inspiring.

What do you love about the creative process?

It's fun seeing samples for the first time. It's easy to make something look good on a computer, but when it turns out in real life...well, that's exciting.

How do you keep it fresh with so many companies competing for the shoe/apparel dollar?

Trends are always changing, so it's up to us to stay on top of that. Yes, competition is always stiff, but there are enough people out there that want to support the smaller niche brands like ourselves. I personally don't like wearing major brands that much when I have the opportunity to wear something really fashionable.

What can we expect for 2015?

We're going to be exploring a lot more casual gear, not necessarily meant for golf. It'll be the same mentality, but give our customers more chances to wear Kikkor during their day.

Why no Kikkor presence at the Merchandise Show this year in Orlando?

We should have a major announcement later this year as to why the PGA Show doesn't really make sense for us any more.

Hows your golf game?

Well, it's hockey season, so I haven't golfed since October. The game on skates is solid. Snap shot could use some work. Saucer pass is always money.

One course you'd like to play this year?

Chambers Bay.

Any plans for some more TV exposure for yourself?

Nothing planned so far. Maybe some YouTube stuff...we'll see.

Jan 23, 2015

Favorites, Disappointments and Bucket List Golf Courses from a Canadian Golf Blogger

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This is the time of the year I begin to have a real itch to play golf. The PGA Merchandise Show is in full swing down in Orlando. Buying and selling golf clubs takes on a new meaning and planning a golf vacation for the upcoming golf season is in full swing.

So here’s a few of my favorites and not so favorite golf courses that I’ve played over the years when I get a break from the family and a few more I’m hoping to play real soon to cross off that bucket list.

Favorite Golf Courses Played
Hands down Cabot Links in Inverness Nova Scotia is my favorite golf course played in Canada. A few years ago I had the pleasure of playing a bunch of beautiful golf courses in the Cape Breton area of Nova Scotia and the newly built Cabot Links was on that list. Considered the only true links course in Canada Cabot Links is a must play for the avid golfer.

Over two days I got to play the not only challenging but very playable Cabot Links. The course was in beautiful condition and the minimalist approach taken by Cabot is perfect for this pristine piece of property that once was an old coal mine. With amazing views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence you are guaranteed to get caught up in the majestic beauty of the golf course.

Cabot Links was the first golf course I got to play with a caddy and the first course I had the pleasure of playing a few holes with my wife who was along for the week long golf ride.

There are many golf courses in the Muskoka area of Ontario and I have played a few but the Deerhurst Highlands Course was a course that surpassed my expectations. With a variety of holes and challenges for every type of golfer Deerhurst Highlands golf course was a course you could easily play 36 holes in a day and come away with a huge smile on your face. It’s just an all around top notch facility. Make sure you have the Cedar Plank Salmon at Steamers in between rounds.

I’ve never met a golf course I didn’t enjoy some aspect of but here a few that left me just a tad disappointed.

Highland Links Golf Course
On my Cape Breton trip a few years ago I finally got to play Highland Links. With all the accolades heaped on the course I was disappointed with the conditions as well as I found it one of the toughest courses to play with so many uneven lies from the fairway it made for a very high scoring round. Maybe it was the day or poor golf I played but Highland Links left me wanting more.

Devil’s Paintbrush
A beautifully conditioned golf course outside of the GTA, I found a few of the holes on the course contrived with way to many blind tee shots and very unforgiving bunkers. The layout had me wondering what it’s sister course, Devil’s Pulpit had to offer.

Bucket List – Must Play
This list can change depending on my mood or where I’m planning on traveling to in the near future but here are a few must play from a golf starved blogger.

Cabot Cliffs
Looks like it’s opening up this July and indications are it’s on a more spectacular piece of land than it’s brother course, Cabot Links. This one two punch will make Inverness, Nova Scotia one of the top golf resort destinations in the World.

Valderrama Golf Club
Looks I’ll be heading to Spain in April and what better course to cross off the bucket list than the world famous Valderrama Golf Club. Having held the Ryder Cup back in 1997 Valderrama packs a wallop playing from the pro tees at 6,990 yds. (source). This is one golf course that needs to be crossed off the bucket list. Will keep you updated

Lahinch Golf Club
Started by Old Tom Morris in 1894, English designer Martin Hawtree remodeled the greens giving more size and slope and adding bunkers and reshaping fairways. The result is a remade masterpiece one of the best in Ireland (Phil Mickelson has called it his favorite links course). I've been to Ireland before back in the late 1990s but didn't golf at the time. I'd love to go back to County Clare, Ireland and play Lahinch. It would be a dream.

So what are some of your favorite golf courses, disappointments or bucket list courses?

Jan 19, 2015

SeeMore Giant FGP Putter Makes Appearance At Sony Open - Release Date March 2015 - Review

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SeeMore Putters out of Franklin, Tennessee has my attention with their soon to be release Giant FGP putter.
"The GIANT FGP started off as a project to create a putter that took everything we knew about putter technology, alignment, and the perfect putting stroke, and enhanced it in every way possible," stated Jim Grundberg, CEO. "What we ended up with is a design that is very familiar, yet shockingly different at the same time. We literally created a giant size FGP, which functions exactly like the original FGP, just better. It is easier to align, more forgiving, better balanced, and feels great. And the face is balanced to the plane of the stroke, meaning it naturally squares to the target line, just like all of our FGP family of putters. Simply stated, it is more fun to putt with!"

One of the most consistent parts of my golf game is putting and I owe that to using a SeeMore putter for many years now. Hopefully we'll be able to do another SeeMore putter review in the not to distant future.

So how did SeeMore finally improve on the classic flagship FGP design? We went bigger. Way bigger! Introducing the new Giant milled FGP. It is 28% larger than an FGP on each dimension. The volume in ccs is 2.5 times a standard milled FGP. The Giant FGP is easier to align the face square to the target line. And it is easier to align the putter square to the golfer's set up (the major benefit of RST technology), due to the oversize RST alignment markings on the top line of the putter head, and the oversize shaft diameter. And it is more forgiving, with a higher moment of inertia, and extreme heel/toe weighting, with milled stainless steel weights. "When putting with the Giant FGP you are able to feel and see the putter work on the correct path with ease," stated, SPi Director of Instruction and PGA Professional, Ted Gallina, "the larger head maintains the simple benefits of the FGP while enhancing the feeling of Face Balance to Impact - in other words get out of the way and let the putter work for you."

Russell Knox drops in a 26-foot birdie putt at Sony Open using a SeeMore Giant FGP putter

Benefits of the GIANT: 
• Increased stability and forgiveness. Higher MOI
• Larger RST and top sight line for more accurate alignment
• Longer blade length=easier to square the putter to the intended target line
• Enhanced the feel of keeping the putter on the correct path, "Face Balance at Impact."
• Larger sweet spot for mis-hits
• Great feel with precise manufacturing of 100% Milled Aluminum and 2 milled stainless steel sole weights
• Retains all the game improvement benefits of the FGP
• Better feedback for setup and stroke

A little practice time with the SeeMore Giant FGP putter at the Sony Open courtesy GolfWRX.com

Here are some technical details of the GIANT FGP. 
• The length is 5.75 inches, depth is 1.6 inches, and face height is 1.4 inches, so while it is exactly to scale vs. the original FGP blade, each of these measurements is 28% larger than the original, meaning that the overall putter volume in terms of square inches of the milling block is over 2.5 times that of the original FGP.
• The depth and height of the putter is relatively the same as the diameter of a golf ball, and the equator of the ball meets the equator of the milled face to impart a great roll with great feel.
• Head weight will be adjustable from 365 grams to over 400 grams when used in a counterbalanced version.
• Retail price is $250. The Giant FGP will initially be available March 2015. The GIANT FGP may be special ordered by any golfer from any golf pro shop, as with any SeeMore putter.

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