Feb 16, 2020

Golf Travel Products Take Center Stage at 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

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For Canadians this is the time of the year most will be heading somewhere South. It's not because we don’t love our Country we just need a break from yes, “Winter”. Whether you live in Moosejaw Saskatchewan or St. John's  Newfoundland we as Canadians just need some sun and heat.

Take me for instance in January my wife and I and one of our 3 kids had a brilliant adventure in Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula.

For some that involves traveling too sunny Florida to take in the annual PGA Golf Show. Although I haven’t attended ever, I follow adamantly on my various social media channels during the event (most times I’m on a golf trip/family trip).

One of my colleagues Shane took a great snapshot of what golf travel products from the PGA Show might just peak our interest. Especially for those of us traveling South this winter to golf and enjoy some sun and heat. Enjoy.

The travel industry is riding the tailwinds of a solid economy, and golf-travel is reaping the benefits. At the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, the once niche category was well-represented among the behemoth golf club and ball manufacturers. 

It does help, however, that golf-travel” spans hard and soft goods, as well as other related accessories and gear. In other words, whatever golfers can reasonably throw in the back of their vehicle or stuff in a travel cover is fair game. 

After walking the show floor for three straight days (60,000 steps, for those of you scoring at home), we sourced a stable of golf-travel products we can’t do without in 2020.

Walker Trolleys Cape Model Pushcart

The engineering behind Walker Trolleys’ pushcarts is sophisticated, belying its outwardly streamlined, minimalist appearance. However, the mission is simple: make walking golf cool, again. For golfers who like to hit the open road, a convenient one-fold handle makes collapsing and unfolding the trolley easier than any other push cart on the market. A central hub enables the handle and legs to bend on two separate axes for a compact fold. Premium materials including aluminum, waxed canvas and handcrafted leather create a unique, elegant appearance that wouldn’t be out of place on the great links courses of Scotland during the time of Old and Young Tom Morris. The storage unit, made of water-resistant waxed canvas, provides an endless number of ways for golfers to customize their trolley.Walker Trolleys Cape model will be available this spring, and a limited number of push carts will be available for preorder for $399 at www.walkertrolleys.com.

Peter Millar Crown Fuse Sport Vest, Hyperlight Reflect

It would be easy for the leading men’s luxury golf apparel brand to rest on its laurels every year at the PGA Merchandise Show. Its booths are impressive(yes, booths, plural), its apparel lines timeless and its industry relationships are both deep and wide. Instead, the Raleigh, N.C.-based company has expanded its demographic to appeal and resonate with millennials, Gen-X and Baby Boomers by no means an easy feat in the apparel world.Case in point, the Crown Sport Fuse Vest.This new lightweight active piece is designed with a hybrid garment construction, combining a windproof, water-resistant stretch front with a stretch interlock knit back panel. The perforated polyester fill inside maintains warmth for weight and improved breathability.

While they aren’t golf shoes, per se, Peter Millar’s Hyperlight Glide are perfect for combo business-leisure trips. The continued evolution of our Hyperlight Glide design, the Reflect features the same technical makeup and fit as the2.0 model but with key updates like reflective detailing featured at top eyelets and logos.An engineered knit texture transitions between the eye-line, toe box and heel counter for added visual appeal.Both the Crown Fuse Sport Vest ($148) and Hyperlight Reflect sneakers ($155) will be available in July. For more details on current offerings visit www.petermillar.com/

Sun Mountain Kube Golf Travel Bag

When it comes to melding hard and soft covers into a must-have golf travel bag, Sun Mountain is the undisputed champ. Sure, Club Glove has the PGA TOUR player street credibility and its travel covers are the real dealBut Missoula, Montana-based Sun Mountain knows a thing or two about engineering products for a rugged environment. They nailed it with ClubGlider, the only golf travel bag with patented leg wheels allowing golfers to “glide” through airports with ease.And now they’ve done it again with the introduction of thesee-it-to-believe-it” Kube golf travel bag. Kube looks like an ordinary small suitcase but unbuckle it and its opens into a full-sized golf travel bag.If a golf travel bag was featured in a Mission: Impossible movie, it would be Kube. Its folded size is a mere 9” x 13” x 14.5” and weights only 6.8 pounds. Kube is available in eight colors with a retail price of $229.99. To order direct or locate a local retail partner visit www.sunmountain.com

TecTecTec ULT-G GPS Golf Watch

Exceptionally durable, stylish and comfortable, the new ULT-G GPS watch from TecTecTec provides golfers quick and accurate distances to the front, middle and back of greens, as well as hazards and doglegs. Available for a one-time purchase of $119.99 with no subscription required TecTecTec is giving users instant access to precise satellite-measured yardages at over 38,000 courses around the world. Everything you need, and nothing that you don’t all at an affordable price.For more detailsvisit www.US.TecTecTec.com

ARCCOS Caddie Rangefinder

The Arccos Caddie ecosystem is easily the most sophisticated, groundbreaking and frankly, futuristic offering on the market today. That stated, we’ll try to keep this simple and straightforward.

How it works: purchase Arccos Smart Sensors, screw then into the ends of the your gripsdownload the app, pair the sensors and boom, you’re surfing the wave of Big DataAlternatively, both PING and Cobra clubs now come with Arccos Smart Grips with the sensors embedded. The sensors measure every shot you take on the golf course with every club, ultimately gathering enough data to serve up AI-generated yardages based on individual golfer performance. New for 2020, Arccos has introduced the world’s first A.I. powered GPS Rangefinder providing users of the Arccos Caddie app with the game’s most precise yardages by delivering a number based on real-time calculation of slope, weather and altitude.So, this is more of a what you don’t need to bring with you on your next trip entry on our list the traditional, handheld range finder. In addition to precise yardages, it will provide golfers with club recommendations from Golf’s Smartest Caddie, so they can truly trust the club they pull for every shot.For more info on Arccos product and technology, visit www.arccosgolf.com

Southern Tide Intercoastal Performance Pants

Traveling light, even on extended stay golf trips, is the only way to go. For playing on and off the course, Southern Tide’s Intercoastal Performance Pant is hard to beat. The nylon-stretch fabric is breathable, flexible and moisture-wicking. And if you want to roll onto the plane and out on the course flaunting your school pride, Southern Tide has a diverse and robust line of collegiate tailgate apparel.Visit www.southerntide.com to get in touch with your inner salty dog.

Dec 22, 2019

Golf Product Review - SeeMore Platinum M5 HT Mallet Putter Review

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Heel and toe weighted mallet Putter.
Seemed a perfect fit with the BG stability Putter Shaft

Balance - the combination of SeeMore Head and BG Stability Shaft gives this combination almost an unfair advantage. Most people who tried the Putter commented on its solid and stable feel.

Forgiveness - on off centre strikes the M5 HT Mallet Head performed great. Although I found it very forgiving and a fairly large sweet spot an occasionally off centre strike was minimal. Mostly alignment (bad read) or length of stroke.

Normally I tend to radiate towards a black or darker finish on my Putter but the Platinum finish grew on me as the design and finish beautifully framed the golf ball at address.

Multiple milling patterns over the entire putters impact zone.
Deep milled face for exceptional feel and roll.
Plus they look great.

Features new sniper scope logo.
Nice touch and not contrived.

To see my full review of the Stability Putter Shaft including an installation video click here.

45 degree toe hang
100% milled in the USA
USA made 303 stainless steel (most expensive grade)

Perfect combination of Shaft and head.
Weight was perfect neither too heavy or light.

Thanks to both SeeMore Putters and Breakthrough Golf Technology to agreeing to this collaboration.
I think it both turned out great in looks and performance.

Exceptional customer service goes along way with top shelf golf products. Be sure to check out all the products that both these great companies have to offer.

SeeMore Platinum M5 HT Mallet Putter with a SeeMorean Shaft will run you $350 USD.

Oct 15, 2019

Product Review - BGT Stability Putter Shaft Review

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Most of my reviews lately come from contacting companies regarding a product I'd like to review because there's buzz out there on the social media highway and it sparks my creative golf juices.

At the beginning of the golf season I contacted SeeMore putters in Tennessee as they had a new line of Platinum Series putters and Breakthrough Golf Technology as they had a putter shaft that promised a more solid feel when putting. 

So the union was made and the SeeMore/BGT Stability Shafted Putter was created in the BGT Labs in Texas. Make sure you check out the video of the installation of the stability shaft here.

Although putting is the most consistent part of my golf game what of course intrigued me was having a more solid/stable putter that would shave off a few strokes every round. Kind of what most amateur golfers would enjoy.

How the Stability Shaft Came About

In a suburb of Dallas Texas lies a new golf shaft company with 100 years of experience. The state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest technology to develop and bring to market the finest, most precise shafts available. Founder Barney Adams, who has always had the unique ability to see what is truly missing in Golf equipment, decided to focus on the putter shafts since there had been no significant innovation for decades. A team of award-winning engineers was assembled and no shaft company on the planet delivers innovation in golf shafts like Breakthrough Golf Technology.

The carbon fiber putter shaft is impressive looking from BGT. 

Stability Shaft Technology

Eight layers of high modulus carbon fiber specifically layered, wrapped and widened, with a no-taper design to greatly reduce torque.

Through finite element analysis a lightweight, 22 gram aluminum insert was developed and precisely located to reinforce flexural rigidity.

A 7075 aluminum connector helps to reinforce. This versatility allows attachment to any tip diameter of any putter, regardless of the bend profile.

The stainless steel tips have extremely consistent wall thicknesses and are chrome plated to add further protection from corrosion and rust.

I used the Stability shaft for pretty much my whole golf season here in Ottawa as I wanted a large amount of time to really test out the shaft especially on a putter head I'd never used before. Here's my conclusions.

On putts of 10 feet and in I found the shaft to work great but didn't see a decrease or increase in putts made.

On putts of 10-25 feet this is where I really saw a huge increase of putts made for me both at my home course (Rideau View Golf Club) and many of the courses I visited during the season.

The more I used the stability shaft the more confidence I got and started to make even longer then 25 feet putts. Distance control was improved on longer putts and being closer to the hole translated to fewer 3 putts. Which is what every golfer regardless of their handicap desires.

The shaft with all its technical components is just plain "solid.

Aptly named the "Stability Shaft"

The price of a Stability Shaft will cost you $199 USD and initially I though wow that's rather expensive but from using there shaft and chatting with Barney Adams. I definitely have to agree with him:

I’ve been in the golf business for a long time and during my time of 40+ years and one product that stands unchanged and unengineered was the putter shaft. Golfers think nothing of spending $500 for a driver that maybe, maybe picks up 5-7 yds. They hit it 12-14 x a round and putt 30 times! Putting directly influences scores, so Stability is a good investment. 

The stability putter shaft can be installed at one of the many authorized installers or if you're like me and in Canada can send it to their office in Texas.

After testing out the stability shaft it really made me think about getting one for my gamer (SeeMore Mini GIANT Deep Flange) which I used previous to using the Stability shafted SeeMore for this golf season.

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