Feb 7, 2016

Best Golf Resort 2015 - Cobble Beach Golf Resort Review

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The Golf Resort that stood out for me last year was a Cobble Beach in beautiful Kemble, Ontario on the shores of Georgian Bay. Yes it's about a six hour drive from Ottawa but it's well worth the drive. The golf course will challenge all levels of golfers.


My favourite holes were #7, #10, and #17


The beautiful scenery of Georgian Bay frames many holes on the course and you'll definitely catch yourself staring in awe of the areas natural beauty.



Cobble Beach is not only about the prestigious golf course, it has the whole package including some amazing food at Cobble Beach's Sweetwater Restaurant and a spa to keep everyone in your group happy including any sore golfers, highly recommend.


Feb 1, 2016

SeeMore Giant FGP Spawns Baby Brother and Sister Putters

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When SeeMore released the Giant FGP last year I had the chance to put it through it's paces and it managed to knock my trusty SeeMore M1 out of my bag. After my extensive review of the Giant FGP three aspects of the putter were evident for me as a golfer.


  • The size of the blade and the extreme heel/toe weighting gave me confidence with my putting stroke both for long and short putts.
  • The lighter, milled aluminum body of the Giant FGP just felt perfect for me when putting.
  • Seemore's RST technology is for me.


My Giant FGP at work Cobble Beach Resort

Not surprisingly SeeMore is set to release three new Giant models in February 2016.


Here are some technical details of the GIANT FGP and the new members of the SeeMore GIANT Series.



Original GIANT: The length is 5.75 inches, flange depth is 1.6 inches, and face height is 1.4 inches. The flange depth is relatively the same as the diameter of a golf ball, and the height of this deep face version means the equator of the ball meets the equator of the milled face to impart a great roll with great feel. Milled Aluminum head weight 365 grams including 2 stainless steel sole weights, which may be adjusted after market to copper or tungsten for weight adjustments. Retail price is $250.


New GIANT FGPt: The length is 5.6 inches, flange depth is 1.6 inches, and face height is 1.2 inches. This new option is slightly smaller in terms of length and height than the Original GIANT, to appeal to a wider range of personal preferences in terms of confidence at set up. Milled Aluminum head weight is 355 grams including 2 copper sole weights, which may be adjusted after market to stainless or tungsten for weight adjustments. Retail price is $295.


New GIANT m1t: The length is 5.3 inches, flange depth is 1.6 inches, and face height is 1.2 inches. This new option provides a more classic heel toe shape to appeal to a wider range of personal preferences in terms of confidence at set up. Milled Aluminum head weight is 355 grams including 2 copper sole weights, which may be adjusted after market to stainless or tungsten for weight adjustments. Retail price is $295.


New Mini GIANT FGP: The length is 5.2 inches, flange depth is 1.4 inches, and face height is 1.1 inches. The smallest of the GIANT series, the Mini GIANT is created using 4 sets of non adjustable copper weights in the extreme toe and heel section as well as the perimeter of the sole, for the ultimate MOI to size ratio. Milled Aluminum head weight is 350 grams. Retail price is $395.


GolfWRX.com has some great photos from the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show of the new SeeMore Giant Models. Check them out!


Jan 19, 2016

Most Anticipated Drivers of 2016 - Bridgestone JGR

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Bridgestone's new driver the JGR set for release this March has my attention. First off I really like the Classic look with Bridgestone's Color theme but the big thing is that Brandt Snedeker dump his vintage TaylorMade Superfast after 6 years for the new Bridgestone JGR. Look at Brandt's early results: a tie for 3rd at the Hyundai and finishing 2nd in a playoff this past Sunday at the Sony. He currently ranks 58th for the 2016 season.


Bridgestone sent me this new driver literally a week before the Hyundai," Snedeker told his hometown Nashville Times last week. "I got it, hit it one time and said 'I think I found a new driver.'"


The Bridgestone JGR


The company's scoop

The increased distance and forgiveness the JGR provides is achieved through 3 proprietary technologies:

1. F.A.S.T Crown

• The Flex Action Speed Technology (F.A.S.T.) crown is extremely thin near the clubface and progressively thickens towards the club head rear to enable the crown to slightly flex at impact creating higher launch and increased repulsion where players impact the face of the club most often, above center.

2. speeDARC

• A pair of internal arc-shaped ridges provides increased sole rigidity and better stability for the F.A.ST. Crown to flex against, leading to higher launches and extreme ball velocities.

3. Power Milled Face

• Bridgestone's patented face milling pattern works to reduce the golf ball slippage and increased spin problem that all competitor drivers today face. The newly improved design has been enhanced for the JGR Driver. Milling is spaced further apart at the top of the driver face to maintain spin, while the milling is tighter and rougher at the bottom of the driver face to decrease spin on mishits. In addition, a new vertical milling pattern is utilized on the heel and toe of the face to further stabilize the ball on mishits. The milling combines to reduce spin (300 RPMs based on robot testing) for straighter and longer drives.


The JGR will be available in 9.5, 10.5 and 12.5 degree lofts in right hand models only. The stock grip is Bridgestone yellow, but custom grips and shafts are available. The JGR will retail at $299 which is pretty sweet even for a non-adjustable driver.



Jan 18, 2016

Golf Course Reviews - 2015 Highlights - Spain Costa Del Sol

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Personally 2015 was not a great year but I was definitely blessed to have played quite a few beautiful golf courses over the year. Highlights have to include my trip to Europe in April and getting to play two beautiful golf courses in the Costa Del Sol Region of Spain.


Marbella Golf & Country Club had some very tough scenic golf holes. Designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones Senior, holes on or near the mountains were my favourite. Marbella is the type of golf course after playing you want to go back asap. Located just a 5 minutes drive from Marbella City, Marbella Golf & Country Club is a must play on the Costa Del Sol.

Marbella the first golf course I've played with olive trees.


Even though the Los Lagos Mijas Golf Club is relatively flat with no rough, it's still a challenge. With lakes many on the large size to mess with the mind of a seasoned golfer. If you're in the Costa Del Sol Region of Spain it should be on your list as well as Mijas Golf Club's other Course, Los Olivos.


Nov 17, 2015

COBRA KING F6 & F6+ Drivers - Perfect Combination of Low CG and High MOI

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Hot on the heals of Cobra Golf just recently releasing the King LTD Driver I'm intrigued by another anouncement of more drivers to be offered. The F6 and F6+ look pretty fun and I'm really looking forward to the Grey Turbulence with Gecko Green accents (the Grey& Green colorway will be introduced March 15, 2016) and of course stay tuned for any in hand pics and reviews.



Press Release


Featuring the All-New CarbonTrac Weighting System and Adjustable CG toProvide Golfers the Perfect Combination of Low CG and High MOI

Carlsbad, Calif. (November 17, 2015) – Cobra Golf, a leader in golf club innovationand technology, today introduced the KING F6+ and F6 family of products, continuing toexpand the collection of clubs under the legendary KING brand name. Throughinnovative research, premium materials, and COBRA’s unique performance enhancingtechnologies, personalized distance and adjustable center of gravity (CG) is nowavailable to golfers of all levels.

To give golfers the ultimate in distance, control, speed and accuracy, the KING F6+driver (MSRP $529) integrates an all-new, revolutionary CarbonTrac weighting system.The system features a sliding weight with five front-to-back, low CG positions that isencased in a carbon fiber shell. It replaces the heavier, titanium track structure that wasused in the high-performance Fly-Z+ driver. By creating additional discretionary weightthrough the use of a carbon fiber crown, new Ti 811 titanium body and forged face,COBRA was able to utilize an 18-gram weight on the sole of the driver to deliver ultra-low CGs and ball flights ranging from towering to penetrating for personalized distanceand forgiveness off the tee.

The F6+ driver also features Forged E9 Zone Face technology, an internal feature thatremoves weight from key areas behind the face and in the hosel to increase the size andspeed of the Sweet Zone for more distance on off-center hits. Externally, the visibleSpeed Channel technology, an engineered trench around the perimeter of the face andtoe area, creates additional discretionary weight to minimize face thickness, deliveringfaster ball speeds for even more distance.

The KING F6 Driver (MSRP $449) features a dual position front-to-back CG systemwith 10-and 3-gram flip weights. This system delivers the ultimate blend of distance andextreme forgiveness, and promote faster ball speeds, lower spin and optimal launchangles. With the heavier weight in the front CG position you’ll see a penetrating ballflight with less spin that delivers more roll for maximum distance; while the back CGweight position delivers a towering ball flight with added spin to create more carry andincreased forgiveness. For an increased range of performance, the light 3-gram weightcan be removed all together, offering a third option to maximize CG movement and spindifferential.

“The KING F6 family was created to bring the best zonal weighting technologies togolfers of all levels,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of Research & Development at COBRA Golf.“Through improved material innovation and research we were able to design a stronger,lighter CarbonTrac structure that creates the perfect combination of adjustable low CGand high inertia. Something that is extremely hard to do. Thanks to the R&D team atCOBRA Golf, golfers will discover the best in distance, forgiveness and precision in theF6 metalwoods.”

The KING F6+ Driver is available in four stock colors: Glass Black with Vibrant Orangeaccents; Blue Aster; White Pearl; Grey Turbulence with Gecko Green accents (the Grey& Green colorway will be introduced March 15, 2016). The driver can be orderedthrough custom in Vibrant Orange. Available in right-handed and left-handed models, inregular, stiff and x-stiff flex, the driver features a graphite Matrix OZIK Black Tie 65gshaft and Lamkin 3GEN Crossline 360 grip. The F6+ driver comes with a range of fivelofts – 9°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°, and 12° and three draw settings – 9.5°D, 10.5°D and11.5°D, available in-store January 15, 2016. Additionally, the F6+ is also offered in aPro model which features the same size head (460cc) as the F6+, but with a lower loftrange (7.0°-10°), a flatter lie angle and fade settings instead of draw. All that works toprovide more launch control and lower spin for even more penetrating trajectory range.It comes in black only, through custom orders.

The KING F6 Driver is available in the same four colors as the F6+ (Black, White, Blueand Gray) in RH/LH in Lite, Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff flexes, and comes with a graphite,Matrix OZIK Red Tie 65Q4 shaft and Lamkin REL 360 grip. Available in-store January 15,2016. MyFly8 Loft Range: 9°, 9.5°, 9.5°D, 10.5°, 10.5°D, 11.5°, 11.5°D, and 12°.

The KING F6 Family also includes a collection of Fairway Woods (3-4F, 5-6F and 7-8F)also with adjustable front-to-back weighting. Each fairway, like the F6 driver, featurestwo CG positions and 20-gram and 3-gram moveable weights. Additionally, to maximizedistance and ball speed, engineers used a 475 SS face insert combined with COBRA’sSpeed Channel Technology. MyFly8 combined with SmartPad delivers eight loft positionsto fine-tune your long game. Available in black and blue in RH/LH, the F6 Fairways(MSRP $299) come with a Matrix OZIK Red 65Q4 shaft in Lite, R, S and X, and a LamkinREL 360 grip. Available in store January 15, 2016. Like the driver, a Grey Turbulencewith Gecko Green accents model will be available March 15.

Rounding out the metalwood collection are the KING F6 Hybrids (MSRP $259). Eachclub (2-3H, 3-4H and 4-5H) in RH/LH features a fixed 13-gram back CG weight to deliverhigh MOI and a more center CG for both forgiveness and precision shot after shot. Thenew head shape is 3-grams lighter than previous models and touts a thin 455 SS facealong with Speed Channel technology for maximum ball speed. The hybrids also featureCOBRA’s MyFly8 with SmartPad technologies, and come in Black only, with a MATRIXOZIK Red Tie 75Q4 shaft and a Lamkin REL 360 grip. Available January 15, 2016.

The KING F6 metalwoods are also available in Women’s, including driver (MSRP $449),fairway (MSRP $299) and hybrid (MSRP $259), in Raspberry/Silver andSilver/Ultramarine Blue colorways. KING F6 ladies clubs feature the same technologyused in the men’s versions but have been fine tuned to maximize launch and distancefor women golfers, who generally have slower swing speeds and need slightly shorter

lengths and lighter swing weights. The women’s driver and fairway feature lofts (Range:10°, 10.5°, 10.5°D, 11.5°, 11.5°D, 12.5°, 12.5°D, and 13°) that are designed around awomen’s swing speed to create optimized launch and spin and ultimately maximumdistance. All women’s F6 metalwoods are also available at retail January 15.

For more information on the entire KING family of products, visit cobragolf.ca



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Sep 29, 2015

Sunice Apparel Review: Layers For All Weather and Seasons

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Testing out some of Sunice's Apparel from their Spring/Summer 2015 Pro Sport and Sport Layers collections has been a blast. The beauty of Sunice's apparel is that it they can not only be worn on the golf course but off as well. I got to test out was the Burbank Sweater from the Pro Sport Collection and the the Allendale Pullover from the Sport Layers Collection. The Allendale pullover was very much like the pullover I reviewed back in 2010, the Olie Superlite Pullover which I pretty much wore out because of how much I wore it. Here's the scoop on the Burbank Sweater

Sunice Burbank Lined Sweater. TEC Wool Blend Full Zip Windstopper Lined Sweater
  • Windstopper membrane gives 100 percent wind protection and breath-ability
  • Shell: 50% wool, 50% acrylic, Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Extremely Durable, Lightweight + Soft
  • Extreme Water Repellency
  • Sewfree Silicone chest pocket patch
  • Contrast colored knit elbow patch inserts
  • Rib knit color, cuffs and hem
  • Durable Twill Fabric on shoulder panel

The Burbank is a great sweater to wear when the it's a bit cool out or windy. The Windstopper liner keeps you completely protected from the wind but still breathes so you won't overheat. I found it great for those cool summer evenings when you're just trying to get a quick 9 in before the sun goes down. The Burbank Sweater never impeded my golf swing during rounds a perfect addition to my golf apparel layers.

I also remember a round it came in handy when there was a quick rain shower (good thing I had it in my bag). The Burbank was also great under my Sunice Bollon Flexvent Jacket when it did happen to rain a little harder out during a round.

The Burbank's charcoal colored fabric is very soft and lightweight and the style is perfect on or off the golf course. I loved the added touches of the knit elbow patch inserts as well as the chest pocket patch. Little added touches that go along way for a great stylish sweater to wear on the links.

The Burbank is part of the Pro Sport Collection by Sunice and comes in sizes S to XXL and comes in two colors, black and charcoal. The XL was a perfect fit for my 6'4" 205lbs frame. Retails for about $190.

Pro-Sport Collection

Taking what we do best and applying it outside of the raingear spectrum has resulted in the Sunice Pro Sport Collection. This category features WINDSTOPPER® by Gore as its high-end performance gear, resulting in lightweight and fashion driven layering pieces.

For those weather conditions that are a little more demanding, your ultimate choice should be a WINDSTOPPER® garment. Combining the most breathable, 100% windproof liner with lightweight wool blends, offer a cross sport jacket with ultimate performance. The standout piece for the season is our ladies Harper hooded quilted hybrid jacket.

The Sunice wind gear collection fulfils our commitment to adding comfort to fashion by providing the ultimate second lightweight layer to our layering system. Laser cut welding details, rusching, bolder print space dyes, bright colour combos, new trims are just some of the new teasers to look for when trying on our new Sunice wind gear.

“The Sunice Pro Sport Collection is a great example of how we at Sunice are providing performance with Fashion – windstopper lined wool sweaters that not only block the wind but also allow the golfer to wear less layers to protect them from the elements thereby having greater freedom of movement,” said Micheline Gallant, Sunice Golf Designer.

Sunice Men's Allendale Lightweight Thermal Pullover Details

  • Super Stretch Tricot Lining
  • Water Repellent
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Laser Cut Welded Right Pocket Framing
  • Close-to-the-body fit

Sunice's Allendale is the ideal lightweight thermal pullover for the avid golfer. The fabric stretches perfectly whether you're wearing it as a base or mid-layering. I found it perfect to wear during a round or if I was working at the golf course or meeting my wife after my round. Very versatile piece of layering again from Sunice.

Sunice has produced a very stylish pullover with the right amount of accents including the laser-cut right chest pocket which I mainly used for my reading glasses but can be used for tees or even your iPod.
The contrasting flatlock top stitching looks great pplus it adds to the comfort of the Allendale.

The Allendale is part of the Sport Layers Collection by Sunice and comes in sizes S to XXXL with 6 colors to choose from. Retails for about $100.

Sport Layers Collection

Adding properly designed layers into a golf wardrobe can enhance a golfer's overall physical performance and ultimately improve their golf game. Sunice Performance Layers are designed to create an apparel layering system that allows golfers to play at their very best in all weather conditions. For cool mornings or damp dawns early in the season, when an extra layer is needed without the extra bulk or weight, the Sutter has been added to this category which features our ever popular Allendale Superlight FX™ Pullover to complete this offering. Thermal properties combined with moisture wicking attributes, and bright color combinations are just a few of the details that make these layering pieces stand out from the rest.

“Our layers collection continues to evolve and has become a staple for us in pursuing the ultimate layering performance system to enable the golfer to maintain his inner microclimate so he can player longer and drive the ball father as a result,” said Gallant. “Our Allendale thermal pullover is one of our most popular pieces as it not only embraces the DNA of the brand through its design but also its performance, fit and functionality which all address the key benefits for the player. Layering our Allendale underneath the Berlin waterproof short sleeved pullover is the perfect pairing for any golfer to play in any weather condition. All our layers are designed and developed with the mindset of making fashion comfortable and allowing the golfer to go from sport to life and life to sport.”

Sep 24, 2015

Cobble Beach Golf Links Resort & Spa - Review - Georgian Bay's Finest

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  9/24/2015 09:14:00 PM   No comments
I'm very lucky to be able to have played so many amazing courses over this past year. In early April I was able to play a couple of courses in Spain which was amazing and just recently got to play Cobble Beach Golf Links which was a Canadian Course I was wanting to play and cross off my bucket list.

Upon further reflection of my stay at Cobble Beach Resort I've only ever had similar feelings of a course/resort which date back to 2012 when I had the chance to play Cabot Links and stay at the then brand new Cabot Links Resort. I've only been able to take away many positives from my stay at the Resort and my two rounds played there.

From the engaging and attentive staff that meets and exceeds your expectations, Cobble Beach is truly a place I tell anyone that asks, "Go there you'll love it!"

Cobble Beach #1 Stewart - A great starting hole, uphill par three where par is a great score.

The course is great for all handicaps it will both entice and excite at almost ever hole. With every hole having a view of Georgian Bay, Cobble Beach is a very scenic course. You'll love the 17th a beautiful par 3 with a tough green and a perfect view of "The Bay".

Cobble Beach Links is a very well maintained course and talking to the staff you can really tell they take pride in their jobs and the appearance of the course especially the greens. The second day I played the course they were plugging some spots on and near the green on #10 and you could tell they took pride in what they were doing.

Meadow Hole #3 A wide landing area but trouble both left and right

It's not surprising Cobble Beach was just ranked #17 for ScoreGolf.com's Top 59 Canadian Public Courses the Doug Carrick designed course will appeal to all levels of golfers. The setting of the course could not be better to get away from the hustle and noise of the city. Although a fair drive from Ottawa my wife and I found our two days more like a week with dining and spa treatments complimenting the scenic golf course. Definitely worth the drive for the whole Cobble Beach experience.

The Cairn Hole #6 A fun par 3 that's deceiving longer than it looks.

Chi-Cheemaun #7 A hole to let it rip carry it over the crest and you'll have a shot at the green in 2. Tough green with another amazing backdrop.

Your short game will be tested at Cobble Beach with many greens having run off areas plus shaved down areas so good chipping/pitching and putting will save you a few strokes.

Nahnee #9 Straightaway Par 5 with trouble both left and right. A 3 shot par 5 for most, enjoy the scenery and be happy with a par.

Ruin #10 A tough uphill par 4 with bunkers scattered in all the right places, tough green that slopes back to front. Good luck!

Temptation #15 A short downhill par 4 you have to go for it right?

Lighthouse #17 A par three that you'll want to play over and over, tough green but who cares the view is worth the price of the green fee.
The Cobble Beach Resort is the perfect place to get away for a few days of golf and relaxation. Don't be afraid to book a couple of days at the Inn and relax with some world class dining and an amazing spa after your round. A great place to recharge your batteries and play one of Canada's top public golf course, do check it out.
Bluff Hole #18 A long closing par 5 with an amazing view of Georgian Bay and the clubhouse.

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