Dec 22, 2019

Golf Product Review - SeeMore Platinum M5 HT Mallet Putter Review

Heel and toe weighted mallet Putter.
Seemed a perfect fit with the BG stability Putter Shaft

Balance—The combination of SeeMore Head and BG Stability Shaft gives this combination almost an unfair advantage. Most people who tried the Putter commented on its solid and stable feel.

Forgiveness - On centre strikes, the M5 HT Mallet Head performed great. Although I found it very forgiving and had a relatively large sweet spot, an occasionally off-centre strike was minimal. Mostly alignment (bad read) or length of stroke.

Usually, I tend to gravitate towards a black or darker finish on my Putter, but the Platinum finish grew on me as the design and finish beautifully framed the golf ball at the address.

Multiple milling patterns over the entire putter's impact zone.
Deep-milled face for exceptional feel and roll.
Plus, they look great.

Features new sniper scope logo.
Nice touch and not contrived.

Click here for my full review of the Stability Putter Shaft, including an installation video.

45-degree toe hang
100% milled in the USA
USA-made 303 stainless steel (most expensive grade)

The perfect combination of Shaft and head.
The weight was perfect enough and light.

Thanks to SeeMore Putters and Breakthrough Golf Technology for agreeing to this collaboration.
It both turned out great in looks and performance.

Exceptional customer service goes a long way with top-shelf golf products. Be sure to check out all the products that both these great companies have to offer.

SeeMore Platinum M5 HT Mallet Putter with a SeeMorean Shaft will run you USD 350.

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