Nov 26, 2017

Golf Course Review - The Ocean Course - Kiawah Island Beauty

When I first arrived at the Ocean Course it was met with a feeling of awe, relief and anxiousness . Not to many courses can generate these kind of feelings. It was the beginning of November and I was finally going to get to play the Ocean Course.

It's not to often you get the chance to golf on a unspoiled piece of land stretching almost three miles along the Atlantic Ocean. From the time you arrive in the clubhouse till you hit the first tee and then finish your round. You're enveloped in it's beauty and design.

This trip was suppose to happen last year but was delayed due to family commitments.

Golfers always want to be challenged regardless of their handicap. What you hear from other golfers about the Ocean Course being one of the toughest tests of golf, you want to test your own abilities.
It's not often you get to play the 3rd Best Public Course in America as named by Golf Digest Magazine (5th Best Public Course as well by GOLF Magazine).

Par 3 #17 Between the wind the water and the pin portion this hole will challenge all levels of golfers. One of the best par 3 I've had the pleasure of playing.

Taking a caddie is a option when playing the Ocean Course. I highly recommend it. My caddie Ryan Bocchino and I had a blast on top of saving me probably 10 strokes this veteran caddie will make your round even more enjoyable. Request him if you get a chance to golf the Ocean Course. (Tee times before 12 noon, you are required to walk and a caddie is mandatory. After 12 noon, you can use a cart and a forecaddie. The price for these varies slightly.).

The Live Oak trees frame the course which meanders through the coastline dunes off the Atlantic Ocean.

You'll see many design features that aren't at your local muni, these just add to the character of the Ocean Course.

All areas with sand are considered waste areas so you can go ahead and ground your club and take a practice swing. After the first hole and hitting out of one waste area I found it easier then hitting out of fluffy sand. Plus having the guidance of a caddie helped big time with these sometime punishing waste areas.

The Ocean Course uses Paspalum, a salt-tolerant strain of grass. This type of grass improves the conditioning of the course and was certainly evident during my round in November.

With the beautiful clubhouse in the background the 18th will test you right to the end of your round. One tough par 4, when played into the wind becomes even tougher. Bogey will feel like birdie.

Even tough you might see the odd golfer you will really feel like you're the only one on the course due to the sheer expanse of the Ocean Course.

Playing the Ocean Course is expensive (cheaper if you stay at the Resort) and you'll also have to include a tip for your caddie ($100 recommended) but you get what you pay for, one of the great public courses in the US. An amazing golf experience especially using a caddy and walking the course (how it should be played). I will never forget my early morning round in November walking the coastline with vistas of the Atlantic that pictures just don't do it justice. Play the Ocean Course it's a beauty.

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