Nov 19, 2017

Tame The Ocean Course - My Caddie Experience

The only other time I've had a caddie during a round was at Cabot Links on Cape Breton Island and that was what I thought was a once in a lifetime occurrence. Well the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island is a walking only course before noon and caddies are highly recommended but not mandatory.

So my caddie for a day of golf at one of the world's most wild and windiest tracks was Ryan Bocchino. Ryan is 39 year old and a veteran caddie at the Ocean Course. If you get a chance to request a caddie then Ryan would be my choice friendly, talkative and he knows the course inside and out.

One of the strongest parts of my game is my putting and having Ryan guide me around for the day was epic. He improved my putting giving me clear precise reads on any breaks in the greens. Whether subtle or not you could tell Ryan knew the Ocean Course well. Not in a arrogant way but a laid back manner that instills confidence in the golfer.

We developed a rapport right away and it enhanced my golfing experience on a cool windy Coastal Carolina morning.

Ryan was the perfect caddie a good listener, friendly, knowledgeable and probably saved me 10 strokes at least on the Ocean Course

There are no fees for the services of a caddie, gratuities are graciously accepted. Recommended gratuities are $100 per player for walking caddies and $50 per player for a forecaddie, based on service.

Keeping up with my caddie

Our round latest only about 3 1/2 hours but its one I'll never forget and continue to replay it in my head. I'm sure for years to come. So my one tidbit from the round if you play the Ocean Course with a caddie is, "Listen to him". Good luck. P.S. I managed a 97 testing out a new/old driver for the day. 

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