Apr 9, 2007

Zach Johnson Wins The Masters

I watched alot of Masters coverage over the weekend being Easter weekend and having It off and I never though for the life of me that Zach Johnson would end up on the top of the leaderboard but he did with rounds of 71-73-76-69. His 69 on Sunday was amazing considering that the average score for Sunday was way over par. Cool and windy conditions played havoc for most players even Tiger as he just didn't seem on his game, although he probably would of won if it wasn't for the charge of Zach Johnson. VJ maybe Goosen or even Appleby but not Johnson. It was definitely his short game with great chipping and clutch putting Congrats Zach.
My Fantasy Picks for the week were a complete flop with Tiger obviously being my best pick the others finished like so:
Ogilivy- 24th
Howell- 43rd

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