Sep 21, 2007

Another Post About Fall Golf- Keeping It Fun

Found a great article with some interesting suggestions on how to keep fall golf fun and exciting. If your getting a bit burned out and tired check out these suggestions:
By John Rahnis

1) If you’re a creature of habit and play the same one or two courses all the time try something different and challenge yourself to play a new course you’ve never tried before.

2) To change it up even more, if you normally play moderate level daily fee courses, book a tee time at a real upscale track you’ve never teed it up on before. Find out about their early bird specials and twilight rates that can get you on a great course at a low price.

3) Conversely, if you’re a “country club for a day” type golfer and typically pay a lot to play a round; try playing an inexpensive executive or “muni” style course to get some perspective and try something new and different.

4) When playing these new courses, you may want to choose to just enjoy the experience and not worry about keeping score. Savor the opportunity to enjoy exploring a new course and focus on executing some good shots.

5)Another way to keep it fun and try something new is to head out to your normal course late in the afternoon play nine holes with just three clubs. There are actually “three club tournaments” throughout the mid-Atlantic where dozens of golfers play a round with just three clubs.

Besides being a lot of fun, it’s a great way to take your mind off trying to emulate Tiger Woods and reaching unattainable levels of play.

Your forced to focus on making a good shot with the club you have in your hands instead of agonizing over club selection and making sure everything is textbook and perfect.

6)Keeping it fun isn’t always about the courses you play; it can be about the company you keep as well. Dig into your address book and find an old golfing friend you haven’t talked to in years and drop them a line. Set up a time to play together and rekindle the friendship. You’ll enjoy catching up and discussing old times during the round. You’ll also likely be pleasantly surprised by how well you score when you’re not totally focused on golfing.

So keep it fun this fall. Take a step back and realize that golf is a only game for most of us, not a job. If we can’t enjoy it, there’s no use dedicated the all the time, thought, money and energy we put into it.

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