Sep 28, 2007

Different Story On Day Two Of President's Cup

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  9/28/2007 10:34:00 PM   No comments

Things kinda evened out after Day Two of the President's Cup with VJ's and Stuart Appleby trouncing of Tiger and Furyk how could that not spark the rest of the International team, they went on to take 3 1/2 out of the remaining 5 points available. Mike Weir was again great with some great iron play and some great putts beating CH III and Zach Johnson 3 and 1. Woody Austin was again brilliant after trying to get his ball out of a pond on #14 where he got completely immersed in the pond, he ran off a string of putts to pull out a half point in the match with Sabbitin and Immelman.
The U.S.A. still leads 7 to 5 but it definitely makes for a great weekend. We'll see what unfolds.

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