Sep 16, 2007 Rates Ottawa Last For Top Golf Cities

So I got my issue of ScoreGolf the other day and I was very surprised that Ottawa ranked last in there little ranking of golf cities. Having golfed in the Ottawa area for the last 5 years, I'm not sure why we rated so low especially considering a few years Ottawa Region had the most golf courses per capita in North America outside of Myrtle Beach. At least the Eastern Ontario/Gatineau Region did in 2002 according to this Ottawa Business Journal article quoting Flagstick Magazine findings.

ScoreGolf used data from Stats Canada, course guide and a lot of phone calls to come up with there top 20.

The criteria was as follows:
1) Number of courses per capita
2) How many were accessible to daily fee players
3) Great courses(ie those ranked in top 100)
4) Bonus-the City had produced a player who had played on either the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide or Champion Tour in the last 20 years.
5) Cities w/ regional pop. Of 150,000 or more were only eligible

How did your city do? Good or bad? LMK

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