Sep 14, 2007

Shopping Made Easy - ShopWiki

I recently found a site that makes buying gifts for you or someone else easy. ShopWiki is a great time saving tool for anytime of the year whether it’s an anniversary or just a special occasion. Most people have a sport they just love and some people have more then one. Where it gets difficult sometimes is when you have to get your Uncle something for his birthday and he’s a real baseball fanatic and you know nothing about baseball. Go to ShopWiki baseball and softball page and you’ll come up with info to help you in your search for that perfect gift. I love the way you can search by Major League Teams, which is a bonus if you know there favorite team.

Another feature that I like about ShopWiki is that it combines the input from the ShopWiki community plus web based search results, which is great when you don’t have a lot of time to shop online and want to get reputable results.

I also use ShopWiki to help out friends who are new golfers because ShopWiki has a great golf section that integrates info about the tools of the game like clubs, bags, balls and shoes for instance into an easy to understand way, that’s great for beginners starting the game. Plus then they can see where to purchase the items that they might be interested in, another advantage.

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