Oct 9, 2007

Discounted Tickets For Disney World - Excellent

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My father-in-law sprung a good one on us the other day. He’s always talked of taking my two daughters and my wife and I to Disney World but it was always when the kid got a bit “older”. Well he was over visiting and he slipped a piece of paper inside one of the dinner napkins while at supper. My wife immediately noticed, it was tickets to Florida and tickets for Disney World.
He had been planning the trip online and had got a deal on flights and discounted Disney World Tickets at DWTickets.com. They specialize in discounted tickets to Disney World and other attractions throughout Florida. He had the option to choose from various multiple day passes all at a reduced rate. DWTickets.com also helps with Disney World tips and detailed explanations of the different attractions and combination of passes. DWTickets.com was a great help for my father-in-law in planning this trip.

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