Oct 23, 2007

Luggage Blues

How old were you when you got your first set of luggage? I was always one to just have a backpack or duffel bag that I would put my clothes and stuff into . I guess this goes back to my days of tree planting and my vagabond lifestyle when I was younger. When I traveled to Ireland, England and Norway I didn’t even have luggage either just my good ole backpack. It probable wasn’t until I was well into my 30s and settled down that regular luggage entered my life. God I miss my old backpack, do any of you?

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William from Maxwell Scott Bags said...

As i now work for a leather luggage company (and have done from the last 5 years), i have no idea how i could ever go back to carrying a rucksack. I still like the idea of freedom and less concerns/worries with that kind of lifestyle, however i still get a real buzz when turning up to a great hotel with my leather luggage - is this just getting older ?