Oct 3, 2007

New PGA Tour Rule To Help Players

The PGA Tour has a new rule that offers medical extensions to players who deal with a family crisis. Good for them it's going to help both David Duval and Dudley Hart next year, as they were both attending to situations at home. Dudley hasn't played since April because of his sick wife. He's been looking after their triplets. Duval has been looking after his wife and kids as she had a difficult pregnancy with her last child born a few months back. His first tournament was last week where he finished T44th.
Having "family crisis" as being part of the medical extension regulations is good, and both Duval and Hart will be eligible.
"It's the right thing," Duval said last week. "I actually got thanked for bringing this up. I said to them a couple of months ago, whether they make it retroactive or not, it needs to be done."


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