Oct 13, 2007

Nike SasQuatch Sumo 5900 Driver With Video

Stumbled upon this on the various golf websites I frequent , it seems Nike will be coming up with a new driver it's a all-new version of the square Nike Sasquatch launched last year. The difference fom last years model is the clubhead has been constructed in five pieces from a stronger, thinner titanium. No more crazy sound from this new Sumo and it's even more forgiving than before.Tiger is even test driving it, so we may see more of it real soon. The following video is from a UK-based PGA Pro named Dan Frost check out the exclusive video.

Nike SasQuatch Sumo 5900 Driver


Unknown said...

Looks really good!

Have a really good deal on this. Apparently is longer than the titleist!

Mark said...

this does look a very nice club. Cant wait to try it out:)