Oct 7, 2007

Parnevik Leads By 3 Going Into Final Round

Jesper Parnevik leads by 3 shots over Mathias Gronberg at the Valero Texas Open. Jesper is hoping to end his drought of almost 7 years without a win. The Golf Channel asked him if he had a cigar ready for Sunday(he's smoked one in previous victories) he said he's had one in his bag for the last 6 years(good to see he still has a sense of humor). He looked intense as I was watching the coverage on t.v. today, very focused if he had a bad hole he'd back it up the next one with a good hole. On #17 a par 3 I was amazed he hit a 8 iron stiff to about 4 or 5 feet. The damn hole was playing like 183 yds or something into a bit of a wind. Good luck tomorrow Jesper.
A good interview after round 2 of Jesper Parnevik.

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