Oct 30, 2007

Somethings Should Be Left Up To The Man

I know most of the time the guy never has much say in planning his wedding. The soon to be wife usually pulls all the strings and is usually has the final say when it comes to arrangements that have to do with the big day. A friend of mine is having a beach wedding and wants it to be casual hence the beach setting. The bride has pretty much chosen what she wants him to wear but he's leaning towards a real classy casual look. These wedding shirts inspire a cool look that's for sure and I have to agree with my friend. I got married on a beach also; not in the Tropics but in B.C. and I might of look at some of these casual options more if I knew they existed. They are made of cool fabrics and elegant designs. Defintely not to flashy. Their casual pants and shorts have some hip soft fabrics that are available in some good colors and very smart fabrics options for these type of weddings. Maybe somethings should be left up to the man for weddings.

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