Oct 28, 2007

St. Augustine -More Than Just Golf

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My father-in-law and his wife frequently spend alot of time in the Fall and Winter months in Florida. Mainly the St. Augustine area where they rent a condo and play alot of golf when I'm up here in Canada freezing my you know what off. They're always suggesting we should come down for a visit with the kids because there's so much to do in the area. My wife of course thinks I'll be golfing the whole time but I know there lots for her to do as well.

My Father-in-law was saying they have great shopping and other great Events in St. Augustine as well. Shopping is definitely something my wife and I are good at and apparently they have end-of-the-month events called Uptown Saturday Nights(Nov.24th and Dec. 29th remaining this year) that would be right up are alley. It takes place from 5pm to 9pm the last Saturday of every month in the Uptown San Marco Shopping District of St. Augustine. This sounded like something my wife and I would love. We never realized the history and culture of the area before. Who wouldn't like walking around listening to music, sipping wine and shopping for antiques and art from the area. I think we'll have to look into a St. Augustine trip now for sure.

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