Oct 17, 2007

Tiger's Own Gatorade

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  10/17/2007 08:00:00 PM   No comments

Looks like Tiger will be making more money outside of golfing as he's set to release a branded sports drink in March, with a little help from Gatorade of course, no it's not going to be called Tigerade. It will be branded “Gatorade Tiger” and you'll be able to get it come March. Tiger supposedly picked the flavors too cherry blend, citrus blend and grape. According to Golfweek, it could add up to $100 million over five years. My question is will it make the regular duffer like you and I play like Tiger. If it does it will be flying off the shelves. :)

It is not that you cant get volleyball equipment from a store that sells bowling shirts, bowling accessories and bowling balls. But the a volleyball hobbyist would want to buy their stuff from a store that has a special section for their loved sport.

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