Oct 13, 2007

Wilson Staff Spine Driver

Wilson golf has got into the alternative driver market with there Wilson Staff Spine Driver and it definitely looks funky. The Spine's claim to fame is it's a high moi driver. You can check out the specs on the U.S. Wilson golf site but I didn't see it on the Canadian version. From the U.S. website:
The Spine achieves high MOI and low CG by redistributing weight from the center of the crown to the perimeter. This
also creates the spine - or ridge line - that reinforces
the face behind the impact area. The result is the
industry's first truly perimeter weighted driver with a
higher MOI and lower CG than traditional 460cc drivers.

The spine comes with a pretty sweet shaft in the
UST V2 HMOI shaft. It's also perimeter weighted for forgiveness which most OEM are keying on with there drivers.
Will it be on your list of new drivers, the jury is still out. I'm not sure if Padraig Harrington is playing this driver yet I'll have to look for some pictures from this weeks HSBC Match Play.

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