Nov 16, 2007

Luxury House Lottery

Today I went to visit the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery House and what a house it is as far as luxury homes go I'd have to say it's way up there. The house is 5,077 square feet and the total value of the house and furnishings is $1,293,211. It's the kind of home you could get lost in and as my youngest girl say, "There's lots of good hiding places in here." Tickets are $100 each or 3 for $250. There's only 60,000 tickets available so your chances aren't to bad and there are alot of other prizes as well and the worst you do it support CHEO so get your ticket today before they're all gone.

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1 comment:

Will Stock said...

Not bad, but there are better odds for ten properties in Spain through a hotel chain promotion at Their three top prizes are worth about $650K each and there are seven other properties worth less included in the ticket, which is $235. So you get ten chances to win in 33,333 -- 4,200 times better than the state lotteries. Will Stock, Mallorca, Spain