Nov 9, 2007

Srixon I-701 Irons

I've never owned any golf clubs from Srixon but I definitely like some of there golf ball offerings like the AD-333 ball. There new I-701 irons look like they'll be a hit, Srixon irons always seem to have that solid impressive look. The I-701 have that and more here's some details:
Forged cavity back iron that is traditional in the playing position, but designed with a generous sweet area and a pocket cavity structure which allows for a lower and deeper center of gravity. The result is an extremely stable clubhead through impact enabling low to mid handicap golfers to get the ball airborne easier for higher, straighter and longer irons shots.

There are two models the Srixon's I-701 and I-701 Tour irons. The I-701 irons come standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts. They are available in right hand from 3 through pitching wedge (46°). Suggested retail price per set (3-PW) is $999.
Suggested retail for a set of I-701 Tour more of a players club (3-PW) is $1199.
A member at GolfWRX forum has just pick up a set check out the pics here. There's also a guy selling a set too. You have to be a member to see the links.

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