Nov 8, 2007

Online Golf Lessons To Help Your Swing

There's always different ways to get better at golf, I read alot of golf magazines and try to transfer what I read and see in pictures in the magazine onto the course or practice range. I started to play golf later in life and have never taken a lesson but I also find watching the Golf Channel instructional shows and videos both on the t.v. and online can help with your game.

Another way people are learning to help with there golf swing is by online lessons. Two Minute Golf Pro has many online lessons that can help with your game if your new to golf or a seasoned veteran. I just recently signed up for a free membership which grants you access to many aspects of the site like golf tips and ask a pro. You can purchase certain videos and watch them online for as little as .99 cents.

Another interesting feature of TwoMinuteGolfPro is there "PAL" or Personal Anytime Lesson, which is a golf diagnostic and instruction utility that is unique to TwoMinuteGolfPro, it was designed by Master Golf Professional,Don Trahan (aka the Swing Surgeon), it can help you with many aspects of the golf swing, something to definitely check out. They have many different membership levels so see which one might fit for what your looking for with your golf game.

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