Nov 30, 2007

U.S. Cargo Control Came Through In a Pinch

I recently helped a friend move and everything went pretty smooth except that he had to replace a few Ratchet Straps and moving blankets that had gone missing during his move. Moving tends to be a bit stressful and this he thought was going to be not good. Instead e ended finding a great online retailer to replace the straps and blankets for him and he didn't have to leave home. He got to purchase them on there secure website with no fuss and muss, which gave him more time to arrange and put away all his stuff in his new home. At U.S. Cargo Control he was able to find the exact ratchet straps that had been lost in the move plus some reasonable priced blankets as well. U.S. Cargo Control has not only a great selection of ratchet straps and moving blankets but tie downs, winch straps and tow straps. They were a great help for a friend in a pinch.
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