Dec 7, 2007

Help With Your Blog Content

A great little article over at iContact from the Marketing Guy about content for your blog, in particular a business blog. Alot of businesses will have there main business website and put up a blog and have no clue as to what kind of content to put on it. That's where the Marketing Guy comes in with his article and he gives some great feedback when it comes to content. He stress a few things about what your blog should do and one was being relevant to the reader’s assumption of what they’ll be reading about. Play to their emotions, desires, and needs. Which you have to figure is important or they'll just go read another blog if they don't feel connected. He gives some good feedback to a person who has a online pet medicine store but all of his ideas can be translated to any business blog. I especially like the idea of having reader submissions (show off their pets doing stuff) which is great way to build viewership for a blog. This is what you want people to come back to your blog.
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