Dec 3, 2007

Odyssey Damascus Grand Putter

Ok I never understand the golfers who buy these expensive putters and don't game them. You know the guys who have like 10 Scotty Camerons but don't use them and most have never even seen a golf ball. I just don't get it if you have a putter use it. People will say they are collectors but I just don't get it. Putters are for putting right not for hanging on my wall.

Just got a email form Odyssey Golf about one of those crazy expensive putters that I'm sure some crazy collector will buy and never game. They're called the Damascus Grand putter and they're made form Damascus steel which apparently is expensive and very strong and has a wild stripe pattern. As you can see from the picture below it's a sweet looking putter with the dark nickel plated PVD finish . Here's the catch only 15 will be produced get yours now. Would love to see someone game one of these.

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