Dec 16, 2007

Some Indoor Tiger Woods Golf Is Almost A Reality

With all the buzz at Christmas time for those must have gifts, game consoles seems to be the big one at our house. I've always wanted one but have only played my friends Playstation 3 a few times and we had a Playstation and XBox at the place I use to work back in Vancouver. Well for this Christmas I was trying to think of way to get a game console system and not spend too much. I really wanted to be able to play some Tiger Woods Golf and do some SSX snowboarding, my two favorite games. Well the Wii would be my first choice but my compromise was getting a used Nintendo Gamecube. I get to play my Tiger Woods Golf and SSX and my kids get a huge amount of games including some great Mario games. The great thing also is if down the road we get a Wii all the Gamecube games are backwards compatible. Bonus.
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